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  1. hey potterheads :) could you vote for me by liking this pic please ? http://on.fb.me/rC2hoS ; you would totally made my day ♥

  2. Some people in the MCRmy are so pathetic lmao

  3. if you have a project for the 10th anniversary, contact me here! I need to gather them all for my website, thanks :)

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    2. ChemicalParanoia


      Awesome! :D

      Well it's not until August, so people have a lot of time.

      And if some people aren't confident talking in front of a camera, then I need pictures of people with MCRmy signs / Thankyou signs.

      I'm collaborating with this project as well (http://talk.mcrmy.com/index.php?/topic/4335-mcr-10-years-video/) as I thought instead of having two seperate projects we could join together.

      The deadline for submissions for that one is the 30th, so people need to...

    3. ChemicalParanoia


      ... be quick for that video.

      Thankyou for doing this! (:

      (Never realised there was a limit on amount of characters in comments before now.)

    4. Oxymore


      Okay awesome i'm gonna sum up everything you told me :) Actually I have another question (I hope you don't mind that I ask you another one !): if both of these projets are together, does that mean that you have the same deadline, and that there is only one project now ?

      because in my article I talked about those projects as two different ones...

  4. i'm gonna see 30stm in paris in november, w00t w00t

  5. oh my, last night's setlist kinda sucked. i hope it won't be the same for the other fests...

  6. big exam today. i'm gonna die.

  7. i'm looking for mcr merch...

  8. Hey i'm looking for one Venganza tee... the one with the lil girl and the soldier. do you know where i can find it ?

  9. Guys, do you know where I could find a black parade jacket ?

  10. I hope #BulletProofHeart will be a TT today !

  11. System of a down @ rock am ring = MIND.BLOWS.

  12. so much things to learn for my exams... I hate physics.

  13. how i met your mother is def awesome.

  14. new username: Oxymore ! I didn't want to be a Killjoy anymore :)

    1. digimodify


      Did BL/ind get you?!

    2. Oxymore


      (i'm a kind of james bond for the Dracs, and i'm only here to spy on killjoys, but shhh)

    3. Oxymore


      (i'm a kind of james bond for the Dracs, and i'm only here to spy on killjoys, but shhh)

  15. i'd like to organize a french meet-up this summer. who's in ?

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