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  1. It's a long beginning, but once you're into it it's hard to put down, and the ending is brilliant.
  2. im not a huge fan of actually sleeping so i spend a lot of time drawing/reading/writing in the dark i think my favourite was rebecca by daphne du maurier ( i have read it before but its so creepy i love it)
  3. I mean i read slightly obsessively, and i got through three 500 page ish novels yesterday simply to kill time i should have been doing schoolwork in, but that might just be because my house always has had and always will have too many books in it. ( to give you some knid of idea, ive got about 300 or 400 in my bedroom alone, and both of my siblings are the same)
  4. I dont specially mind having an adult there, its just that i have to pay for them. seem a bit harsh. Ive managed to find tickets, but getting them.... could be harder. mum and dad are getting pretty fed up with me talking about it, but thank for the tip on yougov. will definitely try that. if the worst happened, then i wouldnt go, but might still have a decent shot next time round if there is one if there isnt there is going to be hell to pay in my house.
  5. I have a chicken. That's pretty cool I think. Her name's Nimrodel after the forest/maiden in Lord of the Rings. Used to have a hamster, but he was pretty useless, and then he died. Anyone out there got any ideas about raising money to go and see mcr in Milton Keynes? Ive persuaded my parents that they arent an emo cult, and that i could theoretically get there and back on a school night, but paying £242 is still way too much for me. im 13, so i cant go alone (apparently) and i cant go in the pitch standing, because that's no under 14s. lm having a room clear out, washing the car... the usual. still dont think its going to be enough. Any ideas?
  6. Hi! I'm new here, so i thought id put this out there. No idea if anyone's going to see it, but hey. My name is Miri. She/her. I'm 13. I got into MCR over lockdown. My parents are kinda strict, so I don't have a phone, and i'm not especially popular in school, so I didn't really have anyone to talk to. Just looking at stuff on youtube, and the Black Parade came up. It was amazing! Then i found 'I'm not okay' and that was it. It said everything for me, so I didn't have to. 1- I would give anything to have a horse 2- I'd like to think im kinda good at drawing 3- Im a christian. WE NEED MORE CLEAN VERSIONS OUT THERE. See you 🙂
  7. M.G.


    LISTEN UP KILLJOYS, TEENAGERS, AND EVERYONE AT THE BLACK PARADE, EMOS, EVERYONE OUT THERE WHO ISN'T OKAY, AND DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT, WE NEED YOU NOW. Pass it on: We all cried when Mikey died in “The Ghost Of You”. We all laughed when Frank kicked Gerard in the balls. We all fangirled when Gerard and Frank kissed on stage. We all smiled whenever we heard a My Chem song. We all supported Gerard when he went through addictions. We all stuck with the band through thick and thin. We all felt better knowing My Chem was there. We all lived as vampires. We all longed for Revenge. We all marched in The Black Parade. We all became Fabulous Killjoys. We never let them take us alive. We all kept our guns close. We all woke (/wake) up to Gerard screaming in our ears at one in the morning. We all kept running. We never looked back. We all sang it for the boys, and the girls; the blind, and the deaf. We all took a stand for what we believe in. We all shared connections with each other and MCR. We all have our memories. We all stayed beautiful and kept it ugly. We stayed strong. We stayed alive. And we cried as hard as humanly possible when we found out that the band that changed our lives forever is gone (or, at least, that’s what we thought!) But we will always be a family. PASS IT ON!!! ⚠️ ATTENTION, ALL MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE FANS ⚠️ On December (26th) twenty-sixth (before that, if you can’t make it), we will all watch the music video and original video of “Na Na Na” in honor of the greatest band here’s glory. Let’s give them the best present ever; the highest viewed video on YouTube! Let’s give them what they deserve to have. Copy and paste this to ALL My Chemical Romance videos and music videos!!! Let’s get this noticed quickly!!! LET'S BEAT THE BL/INDS OUT THERE. They need to know that the MCRMY still walks this world alone, and that they aren't afraid to do it. See you there. 'It's not a band. It's an idea. And it's alive.'
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