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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Anton, and I'm one of the hosts of a podcast called On In Five! We cover the history of famous bands and artists that we love and find interesting. We started a series on My Chemical Romance on Monday, and were really proud of it! You can check it out at the following links: iTunes / Google Podcasts / Spotify / Website / RSS In part one of our series on post hardcore staples My Chemical Romance, we look at where the members of the band came from, how a national tragedy would help birth the band, and how they would rocket from nothing to famous in a very short time. On In Five pulls back the curtain on some of the biggest bands across all genres and decades. We give a detailed account of bands' uprisings while braiding in a bit of humor and stories of our own musical past. Whether you are are an avid music fan, or just want to hear some stories behind your favorite bands, come join Anton Reiter, Austin Thomas, and Ethan Bonin as we do the research and tell the story. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit
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