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  1. Interesting! Yeah, I've gotten them into my cart, but as I can't afford the price for the pair, I haven't actually tried to complete the purchase or entered my card info or anything.
  2. Thank you! The price for the pair has now gone down to $2,070 which would be 1k per person instead of 1400. If anyone can't quite spring 1k, I'm fine splitting it, like, $1,270 me and $800 someone else at this point, too, and I'd also be fine accepting some money now then some later on (or after the show or something), as a show of good faith + to make it easier to find a match + since if someone's trusting me with sending their money, I should trust them that they an send the rest later, too. So if someone's got like $500 now and can promise to send me $300-400 more some time after the show, could try to work something like that out.
  3. *Admin note - All enquires relating to tickets for 20th Dec here please* Looking to split the cost for a pair of December 20th tickets. I figure this thread might get removed, BUT I didn't see anything against this type of post in the board rules, so it cannot hurt to try. Cutting right to the chase here! On the AXS website, under the Premium section, there seem to be a pair of tickets still available for $2,875 -- but they're being sold AS a pair. I told a friend that $1,400-$1,500 was my limit for this... and here we are. Problem is, you have to buy both, not just one. So ideally what I'd do is buy them both, then sell the remaining ticket... BUT these aren't transferable, either, so there's no re-selling at all. As such, the only real recourse I have here is to ask whether anyone would be interested in/open to sending me half of the $2,875 through Venmo, then I'd get the pair of tickets and let us both in. This seems to be the literal only option. Obviously, "Send me $1,400 through Venmo when I just made this account!" reads as really fucking sketchy haha so I imagine this post might get obliterated, and that even if it doesn't, nobody will be interested... but it can't hurt to try, I want to take every single option I can towards going to this show. I can provide evidence of myself doing stupider shit for shows than this (I spent over a grand flying to NYC for Springsteen, and spent 42 hours on a Greyhound to and from Dallas for Deep Blue Something of all things), obviously could provide personal info to anyone reading this (and to admins and moderators on the site as well, if that makes a difference), and any more info verifying that I'm a huge MCR fan who is NOT trying to scam anyone on this (....think about it -- if I were a con artist why the fuck would my move be to refresh a ticket page over and over, find a specific price tag, then post about it on a nearly-dead forum? lol), and am just offering this up in good faith. I desperately want to go to this show, but I can't drop an extra $1400 on a ticket I don't need. ...Like, literally, I don't have $2,875 to my name, lol. I'm not expecting that anyone would do this just from this post, but IF the idea sounds of interest to anyone, hit me up and we can talk more in case getting a better idea who I am would make you feel comfortable. Again, this is a totally legit, good-faith thing, I'm DESPERATELY trying on all social media to find someone who'll go 50-50 with me on this. That said, I'm about to go to bed soon, and maybe the $2,875 pair will be gone in the morning anyway -- who knows. While I'm being legit and not scamming, obviously if the POTENTIAL for this to be a scam (it's not) makes mods uncomfortable, by all means nuke the post... though I'd request that you don't ban me outright as I won't spam any further threads on the topic and I'd love to stick around and chat with My Chem fans! I didn't realize boards like this still existed; how cool. (An e-mail address I can be reached at is morningeveningafternoon@gmail.com if anyone wants to reach out there, too, though it'd likely be deemed safer for communication to stay in PMs on this site and so that'd be my preference for comfort's sake.)
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