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  1. The moment I read your comment I was listening to All the Angels!
  2. It's so nice that pages like this one still exist! Even if they are sorta hella kinda, well, you know, dead...But we are still together and that's a good thing! BTW HOW AMAZING IS "HEAVEN HELP US", "ALL THE ANGELS" AND "DEMOLITION LOVERS"??? I've never noticed before! They are so awesome they make me feel alive (I'm really not emo, just a bit dead inside)
  3. I'm sooo happy to hear that! It was painful enough to have the band dying, I wouldn't stand the fandom dying too! It is such a relief that someone answered! <3
  4. Hey guys! I'm stuck with mcr, I want to be stuck, but sometimes I feel so fucking alone..None of my friends listens to mcr- well one of them used to, but she has stopped since 2013, when they broke up- and some people seem like they don't even know them! And I'm like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! The only place I feel like I'm not alone to this is Youtube, where people are keep commenting but I'm afraid that in a few years from now, if mcr won't reunite, things on youtube will eventually die... I found this site and it was such a relief, until I realised it's a ghost town... Is anyone there or am I completely alone??
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