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    Well, I obviously like My Chem. But guitar, swimming, singing, and drawing are just a few other things I enjoy.

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  1. I'm very very lonely 

  2. I'm not going to be in Cali the original date- but I have an A'cappella tour going through Anaheim Apr. 4-6. So, I'm kind of disappointed, but I'm still happy I'm going to be in Cali for at least a little while this year.
  3. It's almost 2019, Killjoys! I can't believe I've even made it this far, and I want to thank you for helping me through. This is going to be our year, so let's get some skinny jeans, pull on our masks, and let's keep running. xo, bv
  4. It's a ghost town 'round here. Kinda fitting, don't ya think?
  5. Nice! I'm reading this really good book called Love, Hate and Other Filters. I highly recommend- the author takes on some really heavy issues and helps people see it in a different light. Warning though- there is a little sappy love story, and some triggering parts- but all around a good book.
  6. Yeah, it's super quiet around here, but that's partially why I like it. MCR isn't talked about that much, and I prefer this over the exploding Kpop fandom and Fortnite fandoms. I think it's because you really know the difference of who's a true fan, and who is just following the crowds. Anyway, I'm just glad there are still people in the world who like MCR, 'cuz y'all are some of the sweetest people I know. (P.S. MajorSunshine: I TOTALLY get that, it happens to me all the time. I'll be having a decent dream for once, then I'll wake up at the best part! It sucks...)
  7. ?Any cool plans on the 23rd? Getting together with friends? Sitting in your room all day crying? Cosplay? Please share! I'd love to hear what y'all are doing.
  8. I was at a funeral earlier today, and the song, 'Kill all your friends,' was continuously running through my head. I started humming it, and people looked at me like,"How can she be happy?! It's a funeral!" And I just kept slapping myself, so I would stop. But that just gave me more looks, so I went into the bathroom, and whisper-sang the whole song. Little did I know, the mother of the dead person walked in when I said the last, 'cuz we all wanna party when the funeral ends' and she burst into tears. I feel so bad... Has this happened to any of you guys? Like when you're going to get your blood drawn and you have 'Blood' stuck in your head? Or when someone says part of a line and you blurt out the rest? Please share your stories, so I can feel less alone.
  9. I also love 'All the Angels' but the song that gives me chills is 'Bulletproof Heart'. It makes me die a little inside every time
  10. I know how you feel. I'm just glad I'm not alone, even though I live in the Mormon capital of the fucking world, I have 1 or 2 friends.
  11. My killjoy name... I think it's lame but... Black Venom?
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