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  1. All I got on my Tumblr was just things like that. I deleted it three hours after the Living with Ghosts trailer came out.
  2. I've really been listening too Nirvana, twenty one pilots, P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, Queen, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, P!nk, Foo Fighters, Linking Park, Green Day, etc. I also really like electro swing artists and bands like Jamie Berry, Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, A Hat In Time, the Swinggrowers, Lyre Le Temps, and Cazzete. Its good shtuff
  3. Dang it. I was super pumped when I found out that there was a something almost like a con for killjoys. I started reading the pages to get as much info as possible, but when I reached pg 58, "I was like screw it, I'm going to the last page". I saw that it was only going to be a meetup, I was kinda bummed because when 2019 comes I will still be just a minor. I completely understand why you guys did it, though
  4. I have been on this website for a couple months now. I found this website then. I was raised on MCR and other older bands. I come to this place a lot and I see a wonderful community from 2011 to 2016. But now that it's 2017, it seems that as if the place has been inactive and almost ghost townish. All I want to know if the MCRmy is still there and alive. Is there anyone there?
  5. Bohemian Raspody by Queen Never mind the song just ended, my playlist decide for me to now listen to Destroya by MCR
  6. Ummm....... -Bon Jovi-Chicago-2013 -Pepsi Bash- Chicago-2013 -Enrique Inglesias- Rosemont-2013 -Lindsey Stirling-Chicago-2016 -Green Day-Chicago-2012 That's about it. I may be going to see Fall Out Boy soon. Fingers crossed. However, I AM FURIOUS THAT I WILL NEVER SEE MCR IN CONCERT. I was too young to go. My parents were going to go with us and heard about the age restriction. They just said screw it the kids are too young.
  7. I pressed the wrong one shit. I meant to hit red. (But all of his hair styles are awesome. He is Gerard Arthur Way. That man looks good in everything)
  8. I kinda looked at my personality which is a little crazy and confident and the times that my emotions and moods shot out like an unexpected bullet. I kinda was like huh...what has a nice ring to it? It kinda just clicked. Wild Trigger is now my official Killjoy name and my username. Yay
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