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  1. I swear some peoples IQ drops to 0 when they get a cold or flue or other contagious illness. Stay away no one wants… https://t.co/bgjCJeRPmB

  2. @WyrmwoodGaming @Wizards_DnD Spells to prepare: Water walk ✅ underwater breathing ✅ control water ✅ create food and… https://t.co/tw7syMfw7B

  3. Lol so apparently kids listen to me now! Parents trying to get two two year olds to say cheese and take a photo no… https://t.co/9Fn4oOmDMx

  4. Awsome! I just got result 'Paladin' on quiz 'What D&D 5e class are you? (all 14 classes)'. What will you get? https://t.co/W4Z3cvbP67

  5. The travler is his co pilot! Can you see what I can see 🤣 @LauraBaileyVO <==% https://t.co/85cJaFDOQT

  6. DM: *describes a chair in the middle of the room.* ME: *eyes light up* “I inspect the chair!” Everyone: *cracks… https://t.co/PL4iSyDGs7

  7. @NasiaChristie @Australia @AmerSongwriter @SingSongStream @GeoffAMi @JTlive95 That would be amazing. Use to do that… https://t.co/SVj1jJaCas

  8. @NasiaChristie @Australia @AmerSongwriter @SingSongStream @GeoffAMi @JTlive95 Can’t wait to hear what you write! We… https://t.co/cpW7xzQSNl

  9. I remember at school being taught “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. ” which is pretty much true. But what… https://t.co/P7sa4NOKPY

  10. I drew my #DnD Paladin character “cassia” by watching the second episode of #PubDraw It was soo much fun. Got rea… https://t.co/JxksJ9R0IM

  11. @Marisha_Ray Lol I need to catch up with this series I really enjoyed drawing along with the first one.

  12. @kidkerrigan I only knew how to use eyeliner so I use to go overboard. At lest I’d be able to knock out a Li Li cosplay makeup.

  13. Super proud of my players being pretty much all new to the game and doing unexpected things to keep me on my toes.… https://t.co/qabOv4feQh

  14. @LauraBaileyVO @VoiceOfOBrien Yea my niece use to play with my grandmother and say her name when she past away. Als… https://t.co/59kL3JFkfI

  15. @Marisha_Ray @Imzy1991 Tabitha Takes Over ...😂🤣😂🤣

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