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  1. my only fear is either finishing all my wine or dying before 9pm

  2. RT @CassandraJP: I think I love drawing train stations?? https://t.co/STaqmYdlRP

  3. be careful by @iamcardib is my current mood with this dude im feeling rn "whose feelings that you hurtin and bruisin" i felt that.

  4. you gon find a gentleman w/ good dick game but he gon have a girl. if not he gunna be ya DA, tap a few times and ne… https://t.co/lhQm6vllc7

  5. a biddy needs advice on how to text a dude without making a fucking ass of myself?

  6. RT @cheatin: if I say "okay *your name*" then just know that I officially have an attitude. or you've just said something that pissed me off

  7. yo life is getting bettttterr https://t.co/LYPQ2D3D8H

  8. RT @officialmoz: https://t.co/U0gZrdGtHI

  9. finer than aged wine i s w e a r https://t.co/nnjbFS0onk

  10. Dan Howell and Phil Lester interveiwing Twenty One Pilots #phan #danandphil #twentyonepilots https://t.co/BCAiJyUnDD via @Change

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