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  1. You have Gee's hair!!! >.< AWESOME!!!! xD

  2. Argh! Haven't had time to go on the Rmy due to college >.<

  3. That would make an awesome tattoo! :D

    I'm at college slowly dying of boredom -___-

    I need to make a fully working game but meeeeh there's only so much time I can stare at a computer making graphics and coding ._.


  4. hmmmm.... I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my foot that reads: "Keep the faith". In the same font as what Frank has on his back. Argggg... it's so damn busy at work :( all that I wanna do is be lazy at home with my kitty. The weather is cold and misty so being at work really sucks!! hehe. what u up too? :)

  5. "I'm sick of beans."

  6. Oooo what tattoo you thinking of getting?

    I'm going round a friends later so i'm just going to waste time unti then :D

    You up to much today?


  7. soz for late rep. :) hehe. awww... cleaning sucks! I have to clean my whole place sometime this weekend - FAIL!! I'm doing good thanks! ;) going to the shops to get some hair colour etc. ooooh, and I've been thinking about getting a tattoo, but I'll have to see about that. hehe what u doing today?

    Cheers, G

  8. I'm pretty good thanks ^^

    Iv'e been attemping to tidy my room but somehow it looks more messy ._. So I gave up...

    How are you doing anyways?


  9. hi :)

    hehe. thanx for the comment! how u? (^^,)

  10. Hey there!

    I thought i'd be the first person to comment your profile...i'm taking your profile virginity :P


  11. So long and goodnight! xo

  12. Fo sho. I love shushi too, so i'm pretty sure if I went to Japan I would come back pretty fat. Anyways I'm off to try and get some sleep, Iv'e got a big day of doing nothing tomorrow :P

    Night night.xo

  13. Gotta love Pokemon! Japan would be an amazing place to visit, fo sho. Kinetic, lit-up cities and beautiful countryside

  14. I have family in Canada so hopefuly one day I'll at least be able to visit :) I would KILL to go to Japan, like you have no idea. Iv'e wanted to go since I was like 8 but that was probably because I found out they had a Pokemon shop :P


  15. I'd love to live in Ireland... ^_^ one of my best friends was born in Canada!

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