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  1. "All My Demons" by @vocal_creators https://t.co/iB8Sx7zNAo (P.S. I'm the writer, guys ;3)

  2. RT @musa_gwebani: Capitalism dupes us into thinking there is a direct relationship between hard work and wealth. So you grind, team3am and…

  3. RT @DrMike_adenuga: You are not broke !!!! You have not just meet your money yet and it will happen very soon

  4. .@repandrecarson as your constituent, I urge you to vote for the CRA to overrule the FCC and save our… https://t.co/EnBHQchRXu

  5. RT @mikecavalier: No eulogy of Stephen hawking is complete without the story of when he threw a party for time travelers https://t.co/2B5pV…

  6. RT @itzzkait: RT if you’d pay to see Elsa with a girlfriend in the next frozen movie https://t.co/tGY36PLFn7

  7. RT @ConcertWeirdos: Concert fans have superpowers, such as patience, standing for long periods of time without hurting, staying awake for h…

  8. RT @kashmirVIII: He called them girls...Colorful. Cockroaches. It woulda been a fuckin homicide. https://t.co/vaGhxsNq4N

  9. RT @marinscos: i learned something fun at school today! this isnt a hard and fast rule, nothing is, but its useful for picking lighting htt…

  10. RT @RuthanneReid: You won't always be in the right mood for this comic, but when you are https://t.co/lue8bguacB

  11. RT @anamericanghost: Youth "race to success" culture is wild, the fact that I am 26 and called "older"/"established" or made out to be an "…

  12. "The Things You Told Me" by @vocal_creators https://t.co/tFTh1xe4i6

  13. RT @tofupal: u can have big hips and be androgynous u can have big boobs and be androgynous u can have big arms and be androgynous u d…

  14. There is something inexplicably calming about drinking tea out of a Japanese-style teacup. https://t.co/oFFirhLvuW

  15. RT @shellywelly53: Do not go into 2018 stressing over anybody . Do not go into 2018 feeling like shit because someone doesn’t see your wort…

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