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  1. Living With Ghosts IS So GoOD!

  2. can't wait for frank's announcement!!!

  3. Just started reading Dracula!
  4. slams the G note on the piano

  5. I wish I could go at the NC Comicon...

  6. Through the Looking Glass
  7. I just listened to The Kids From Yesterday, why did I thought it would be a good idea...I'm about to cry...

    1. Charbarmanning


      I just had that on but my shuffle gave me Vampire Money afterwards so I'm smiling again XD

    2. dead_on_arrival


      Ahh that song just came on for me...about to cry as well

  8. I just received 2 Gerard Way Pop Funko Dolls! The Black Parade Era one and the Skeleton one! Can't wait to receive the Revenge Era one! \(^°^)/

    1. RadarAnomaly


      Awesome!! The revenge pop is the one I have :D

    2. Charbarmanning


      I'm gonna buy a load of merch tomorrow

    3. MilkyWay


      The Revenge one is beautiful! *^*

      We are all gonna be crying, wearing band merch and listening to Fake your death one repeat all day :')

  9. I'm currently reading The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring. I almost finished it!
  10. hi

    1. Charbarmanning


      Hi welcome to the site! There's a lot of forums to look at people to talk to so don't be afraid to join in!

    2. MilkyWay


      Thank you for welcoming me so kindly! I can't wait to discover and share with other MCR fans!

    3. Charbarmanning


      Your welcome! If you ever want someone to talk to then I'm here!

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