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  1. Y'all it makes me so happy to see people posting on this thread again, and just on this forum in general. Love y'all ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Personally, I love the night, and night time and all that, so I think I would love to live in a place where there's even more of it.
  3. I've been getting into a lot of indie and pop punk bands recently, stuff like Neck Deep, Moose Blood, The Story So Far, Hot Mulligan, Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, Tigers Jaw, shit like that.
  4. Awwwwwh, das so cuuuuuute. I never even thought of elephants as a cute animal, but that is fucking adorable.
  5. Awwwh, you thought my post was funny? I'm flattered.
  6. This is probably the only part of this entire post that I can relate with . . .
  7. I looked it up, Wile Coyote did eventually catch Roadrunner, in an episode entitled Soup or Sonic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJJW7EF5aVk
  8. Has nothing to add to the conversation so nods head in agreement
  9. Touche Amore makes me sad,

  10. I remember seeing the trailer for Ms. Perigreen's and I really want to see that. I literally turned to my sister after watching Alice and told her that we're going to see that, there's no choice in the matter.
  11. I love how all of you had some sort of exciting thing happen recently. The only thing for me is that I saw Finding Dory over the weekend, and I'm getting my new phone today (hopefully) Oh! And I get to see Panic and Weezer at Xfinity this Friday! Woo!
  12. Kawaii is, like, japanese for cute. Cute is one thing metal is not supposed to be, that's why the concept bothers me so much.
  13. Exactly, we have to believe that there still are good people out there, even though it may be easier to just focus on the bad. Focusing on just the bad things in the world won't end well, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and all that positive motivational shit.
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