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  1. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    was reminiscing of MCR tonight and came to check the boards. That's right, it's 2019. It'd be awesome if something happened this year. Such a great band! Well anyway, happy 2019!
  2. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Hey Z! I just checked the Community page as well and it still looks like there's a lot of spam. It is sad. I guess folks just make their way over to facebook and twitter these days, but I've always preferred the forums myself. Well, glad you're enjoying college. I had a good time there, mostly. funny, we plan to go to my alma mater for a visit soon. Hopefully that goes well. well, take care!
  3. International MCR day plans

    visiting sites like these and I put a post up on Twitter.
  4. I feel so alone

    Another fan over here! *waves*
  5. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Hey! I came back. Sort of having an off day to be honest, but what's more comforting than the MCR community, right?! It's not all bad though. I get to host some family at my house for the summer and they are like the best guests ever. Family that cooks. Well, warm wishes to all! See ya!
  6. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Someone reminded me of this forum. Its been exactly one year since my last visit. Haha Guess there hasn't been a lot happening though. Well, just stopping to say hey. Can't forget the fellow Killjoys! Peace!
  7. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    ^ Hey, yeah, I came around again to check if anyone else was talking about the reunite. I saw all of these pics late last night. Man, it must be pretty amazing to be at those California shows eh? So, ok, while I'm here. I got to finally visit my sis at her new place after ?3?! years. Yeah. But it was great! And my nephew I got to meet too. So cute! Happy days! Hoping to see them again over Memorial Day if they visit. Peace
  8. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    hello! hey all the newbies! not good with words today. kind of in a fog. but the sun is shining again finally! got out for a little bit. It's gorgeous out! Just wish I could speak as well as the Earth shines its beauty. Peace all!
  9. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    X games in Norway are being aired over here right now. I just missed the womens snowboard competition, but the mens was intense at the end! Ha I doubt I'll ever do anything this badass, but it was fun to watch! Hope all are doing well! :)
  10. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Hello everyone! Been super busy on my end as well, so will have to catch up later. Peace y'all!
  11. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    awesome Sandrah!! I was literally flying over Denmark and well, specifically the Norwegian Sea, only days ago!! Like, I literally checked the flight plan JUST at that moment. Was pretty awesome! (considering we took a slightly more southern route on the way out there) So folks, I was really wary about this trip, but I made it back safe and sound and we had a really awesome time in India visiting friends. Observed a real authentic Indian wedding, got henna tattooed, and also caught the seasonal flu. bleh! but I'm feeling better, but now I have to take care of sick hubby. Awe!
  12. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    I can't get this to work on my device, multiqoute and stuff, or it is just slow or just...idk Ugh! At this point, it seems ....anyway. Hey Rachel, is your PM working? I sent you something. It didn't return, so maybe you have just been busy...I mean I can see that you are. As I was saying, seems kindof trivial at this point as I am leaving, but maybe you really didn't see it? Ok, well,carry on!peace all!
  13. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    meh, I can't figure out how to change my status, so "status update" -well, I'm off! (pretty much. and we likely won't have time for much internet so...) on my vacation! Lataz!
  14. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    I'm pretty obsessive about editing myself, but it's always a good idea to have a second opinion. I think it will be a "little" longer for that though, because I still have to finish and edit a lot of content...but yeah, i mean I guess I don't mind it. If I can fix it NOW, then won't have to later. Anyhoo, well I will send you a PM about this. -------------- Cool about the job, Rachel! Hope it works out and you can find a good insurance. ---------------------------------------------- Planned Parenthood? I had to stop going because they really increased their rates (maybe that was when I DID get insurance), but i mean, has anyone else had this problem?? Hindsight, I should have multiquote; does this stuff effect you over there Francesca??
  15. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Hey all! So, don't take this as weird (I'm having a weird month!), but ok, so I subscribe to threads sometimes so that I can see them in my email (I've said this before), although not so much anymore. It's really no biggie though, because for awhile when nobody really posts, well I wasn't bothering loggin in, right? Anyway, so like listen, I don't remember this coming up on here in November this year (did I totally miss it somehow?!!) well, but I got into Nanowrimo because I heard of it from another site, right? Well, I have been scrambling to find my first part of my story in my messages (still can't find it) and well in a search for Nano, one of the posts from here came up. So, do any of you folks still do this??...Omg! I mean, I don't even have the full word count by like a lot, but I have been revising anyway, because the story is changing and/or I need to edit a lot before I can even continue. But I was thinking earlier today about Beta testers (readers?), but I'm probably a long way from that as I read more and more....well, honestly that opening chapter (few paragraphs) was "gold"...but damnit, for the life of me, I cannot find it!! So...and well, the rest is crap littered with some good stuff (wait...rethinking the image of that statement. :P). Point is, I'm not ready, but it'd be cool to talk about this with you folks! I do recall some mentioning how they write, but I didn't remember this post and I won't repeat it. I mean, you can come forward now if you want to talk. Ok, well, hope all is well! I'll be leaving for my vacation in a few weeks. I imagine SOMEONE will be around before then?? so, will ttylaterz!
  16. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Happy New Year's everyone! Quiet evening here as well, well...until the neighbors will inevitably light some fireworks. I try to catch the ball drop on tv every year, but not much else. Maybe a fun movie or something, if i can convince hubby. ^^ Have fun all! Be safe!
  17. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Yeah. Me too! ha! It got better and then now I'm on edge again. What gives!? I think this time it's just in my head or my own stupid anxiety...or my lack of control over what others do or think about me. Ah! Can I just say I absolutely hate "send" buttons right now, or rather, I hate mobiles with touchy touch screens that send shit when you aren't ready if you ever were!?? Speaking of mobiles (well that was my Tablet, but) our new phones just came in the mail today. haha nah, but it's exciting. I hope! AND, I really want to shake this bitterness! So, I'm glad you all seemed to have happy holidays. Um, what's making me happy at this present moment?? (a bit superficial but) it's listening to Ray Toro's Remember the Laughter. I'd have posted it in the listening section, but it's been rather quiet so...here!
  18. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    I shouldn't speak. I'm having a rather rough time lately. It's quiet today, but I'm awaiting news. ugh! so, sorry. no uplifting words. Or maybe, "just hang in there. be patient. have a little faith that whatever happens it's for the best. AND try to be happy about it, even if it doesn't seem to be what you want at first." ugh!
  19. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Awesome Sonia! Funny I was just thinking of you. How you are the first Norwegian I met online, but now I have met a second (ok, well a third, but a second cool gal...well all have been cool tbh. Anyway!!!) So speaking of the holiday spirit, well this was going to kindof be sarcastic, but that put me in good spirits, so let's continue the positivity. We GET to celebrate Christmas today!! Haha ok, sorry, I can't even...but it is always nice to see the family, even if they threw it together last minute. I ...yeah, better not say more, because I don't want to hurt anyone, just it's kindof crazy. Oh well! Such is life! Happy Holidays everyone!!!
  20. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Hmm, this site keeps changing everytime I log in! Hehe Hey that sounds cool, Rachel! Hope it wworks out for ya! I really need to get oorganized for the holiday season. Oh was supposed to do gifts shopping...oh, maybe tomorrow I think...when hubby gets home. Let's see, andi have to start cleaning up the house. Our folks will be hosting, but we might have my brother and his fiance over...maybe others. It depends. Oh gah! So these blending markers I ordered just came in. Idk what anybody here knows about blending markers, well I didn't know anything until one of my other fellow forum members started talking about them (he's an artist by profession). Thing is, so I wanted to use these tools he's been mentioning for some of my artsy projects, but couldn't find anything here or i wasn't sure or i needed to compare prices. Long story short, I ended up getting the EXACT same ones he said he uses, from Amazon, but i didn't bother to look at the seller. It shipped from UK. Um, now it'd be fine but i think this might be a UK specialty if you will. YouTube tutorials I've seen were all by Brits and as I said, I'd never heard of them before. Well, so now I'm kindof worried that if I mention it, that it will seem kindof creepy. But I'm really excited to try them out. And I wanted to get "the best of the best" from his recommendation...ahh, so idk. Weird. Has anyone heard of these?? Or brush pens for that matter?? (that is what I'd really like to have, for the calligraphy I like doing. Regular paint brushes and ink is fun, but it's a little time consuming.) Ok, enough talkytalky. Figured it has been awhile though, and I would like to keep in touch. Hope everyone's holiday season is going good so far!
  21. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    I got Ray's CD too (well awhile back) What do you think of it?? and also congrats on passing. Oh! and I messaged you. It's urgent so I'm mentioning it here. I figured out multiquote, but i'm like dropping here and I still have to do more before I can sleep. so...just quickly um, congrats Sonia?? ha. not sure how to respond. teeth stuff makes me nervous. I actually can't remove my wisdom teeth because i'm too old and they are like right next to the nerve and so it'd be really risky to do. Crazy eh? I had never heard of this! I mean, I never wanted to have it done,...but I still worry about it in the future. ah well, if i go numb in old age...no, idk. I really ...yeah, i just get nervous with teeth stuff. ugh! ok, I'll think of something else for next time. goodnight (goodmorning)
  22. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    Hey hey! This is cool! And yet annoying how we have to buddy everyone again. But yeah! I needed a change today! Ha! Idk So, went to the eye doctor today. Actually, my eyes are still a little dilated, yet I am still on here. Oh man! Forgot to actually look at my eyes! Oh that is the fun part! Oooh! Anyway, 2 doctors down, one or maybe two checkups left to go before my trip, before next year and the new shitty insurance plan kicks in too. Bleh! Hey, anybody doing Nanowrimo? Did I ask here yet? Cant remember. Twas from another MCRmy group that I heard about it. anyway, I am reveriecarrie37 over there if anyone wants to find me. Um...yeah, first year, and firat month, but thought why not give it a go! Super low on wrd count still, but whtevs. ok, later yalls!
  23. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    yay! guess i missed this last time um, well yay Sonia! yeah, any chance to share the MCR love! ^^ and this election stuff??...i just can't. Well, I was thinking how it IS surprising that sooo many people, and even if Hilary won the popular vote, it was still split pretty evenly. It's just astounding, but a lot of good points were brought up here as to why it happened. Still complete madness! But we are just trying to hang in there. lay low and pray for the best. I mean, what can we do! Idk. Hang in there everyone! Bless! um, and nice change of subject-TOP. Yeah, I haven't gotten into them myself, but I can FINALLY say I've heard one full song (Cancer cover). I'm glad you enjoyed your show Kerry. That was an interesting perspective, liking them to MCR. Well, for your sake, I hope they stick around...eh, but now I'm sad, cuz I never got to see MCR and I just remembered that fact. hehe well...well I'll just have to live vicariously though all of your memories. speaking of concerts, idk if anyone even knows who these groups are (I probably only know a few songs, but REALLY like one). My folks went to see blue Oyster Cult and Jefferson Starship in concert last night. *jealous* ok, i have to go eat. SO HUNGRY! FOOOD!
  24. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    just had to check in with everyone. oh em gee! *sighs what a night! yeah, and that Canadian immigration thing, woah! well, peace, love and hugs to everyone! Gonna TRY to get some sleep now. *deep breaths*
  25. Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

    we got rain tonight, well, last night since it's 2AM already. glad you guys had some fun. Ha! I stepped outside to enjoy the practically summer weather we had that evening, but then I remembered trick or treaters so I had to sneak back in and hide. But not before catching a glimpse of the neighbors' grim reaper display. ha! that house always has something creepy going on. ah Frank! I can't read that cuz i don't have Adobe flash player.