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    "Bury me in Black"-favorite MCR song
    "My Way Home is Through You"-close second of favorite songs
    FIATC and Pencey Prep (Frank Iero)
    Also really enjoyed these covers "Be My Baby" and "Superstar"
    Umbrella Academy
    Catcher in the Rye and Salinger

    the yarn arts, the sewing arts, cooking, and home and self improvement topics.
    There's probably more, but this is what I thought of now.

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"Missy" or "M" (or Carrie)


My Chemical Romance is my favorite band. Liked them since Revenge days, but developed a new appreciation for them last year (2015) when I FINALLY bought Black Parade and especially, after seeing the "Vampires will Never Hurt You" video and getting into Bullets, then Danger Days...and so on. Really like the music, the positive and meaningful lyrics, and the goodwill the former members have shown to us (their fans) and anyone in need of help.


I got to see Frank and it was my first ever celebrity meeting and it was sooo awesome!!! I hope to meet the rest some day, but it will probably be separately and not right away.


My impression of the "Rmy" is that you folks are very friendly and kind :)...so here I am!

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