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    "Bury me in Black"-favorite MCR song
    "My Way Home is Through You"-close second of favorite songs
    FIATC and Pencey Prep (Frank Iero)
    Also really enjoyed these covers "Be My Baby" and "Superstar"
    Umbrella Academy
    Catcher in the Rye and Salinger

    the yarn arts, the sewing arts, cooking, and home and self improvement topics.
    There's probably more, but this is what I thought of now.

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  1. Fyi! I just found out there's someone using vacantalleyways on Twitter and it's not me. There Instagram even uses my same favorite MCR song! I wonder if they've seen my accounts on the various forums or just have creepily the same thoughts/interests as me. Just thought I'd let all the forums know.Hope you're all well!
  2. yeah, aunt was mistaken. he was like their digital manager or something. It's in that article I linked above. Sorry about Lauren. Thanks for the rest of the info! :)
  3. omg! I just found out that my aunt (through marriage) knows one of MCR's previous managers. Do you folks know who the managers were for MCR? All I could find on Google search was Lauren Valencia and I don't think it was her, but I could be wrong. (following up with my aunt later) Thanks! And happy reunion!
  4. ^sounds scary. Glad you're doing better. OMG! anyone else watching Umbrella Academy?? I just finished a weekend binge. So exciting to see Gerard's work on television!
  5. was reminiscing of MCR tonight and came to check the boards. That's right, it's 2019. It'd be awesome if something happened this year. Such a great band! Well anyway, happy 2019!
  6. Hey Z! I just checked the Community page as well and it still looks like there's a lot of spam. It is sad. I guess folks just make their way over to facebook and twitter these days, but I've always preferred the forums myself. Well, glad you're enjoying college. I had a good time there, mostly. funny, we plan to go to my alma mater for a visit soon. Hopefully that goes well. well, take care!
  7. Hey! I came back. Sort of having an off day to be honest, but what's more comforting than the MCR community, right?! It's not all bad though. I get to host some family at my house for the summer and they are like the best guests ever. Family that cooks. Well, warm wishes to all! See ya!
  8. Someone reminded me of this forum. Its been exactly one year since my last visit. Haha Guess there hasn't been a lot happening though. Well, just stopping to say hey. Can't forget the fellow Killjoys! Peace!
  9. ^ Hey, yeah, I came around again to check if anyone else was talking about the reunite. I saw all of these pics late last night. Man, it must be pretty amazing to be at those California shows eh? So, ok, while I'm here. I got to finally visit my sis at her new place after ?3?! years. Yeah. But it was great! And my nephew I got to meet too. So cute! Happy days! Hoping to see them again over Memorial Day if they visit. Peace
  10. hello! hey all the newbies! not good with words today. kind of in a fog. but the sun is shining again finally! got out for a little bit. It's gorgeous out! Just wish I could speak as well as the Earth shines its beauty. Peace all!
  11. X games in Norway are being aired over here right now. I just missed the womens snowboard competition, but the mens was intense at the end! Ha I doubt I'll ever do anything this badass, but it was fun to watch! Hope all are doing well! :)
  12. Hello everyone! Been super busy on my end as well, so will have to catch up later. Peace y'all!
  13. awesome Sandrah!! I was literally flying over Denmark and well, specifically the Norwegian Sea, only days ago!! Like, I literally checked the flight plan JUST at that moment. Was pretty awesome! (considering we took a slightly more southern route on the way out there) So folks, I was really wary about this trip, but I made it back safe and sound and we had a really awesome time in India visiting friends. Observed a real authentic Indian wedding, got henna tattooed, and also caught the seasonal flu. bleh! but I'm feeling better, but now I have to take care of sick hubby. Awe!
  14. I can't get this to work on my device, multiqoute and stuff, or it is just slow or just...idk Ugh! At this point, it seems ....anyway. Hey Rachel, is your PM working? I sent you something. It didn't return, so maybe you have just been busy...I mean I can see that you are. As I was saying, seems kindof trivial at this point as I am leaving, but maybe you really didn't see it? Ok, well,carry on!peace all!
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