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    Also really enjoyed these covers "Be My Baby" and "Superstar"
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  1. Nah. I fully support it, but I can't afford something like that. Plus, it might already be sold out now, no? Haven't checked. --------- So, just popping in. As I said on the Sisterwives, too much Corona talk is depressing, but this seems to be positive...still, it reminds me of these crazy times. But there has been some good some "silver lining" as I saw someone else say. I get to chat more with busy family. But really, not a lot has changed for me. I mean, I guess I don't go grocery shopping anymore, but when it warms up, I cans till go outside for walks close by. Weird to see the local playground taped up. Um...yeah And weird that it's an accomplishment when we are able to get toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Geez! Hubby is working from home and that has been a bit stressful. Oh, and yea, I don't know if I'm eating more from the situation or because of a new med I'm on (Gabapentin for sleep, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts and tics), but I've definitely struggled with exercise because I seem to be more preoccupied with Hubby s needs over mine...also, I'm doing Campnanowrimo this month, so there's that too. Anyway, I'm sorry for the long post, but since I don't come by so often, thought I'd catch up. Best to all of you! ❤️
  2. Hey folks! So it's been awhile. Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. Not a whole lot interesting going on with me. Was going to do some traveling this year, but unfortunately well you know. Sigh! I see you have a thread dedicated to recent events. I'll go check that out, but if it's a lot of talk about the situation, I might have to duck back out again. I'm trying to limit myself to knowing only just what is necessary, ya know? It's tough enough without being reminded of bad things. However, there have been some good things come out of this. I've gotten to face chat with some of my family that I don't normally get to sync up with because of our busy schedules. Especially nice seeing my nephews. Yes, nephews. Lol Why are all our siblings having boys?! Lol It's not a huge deal. I obviously love em! But I just find it interesting out of the 4 of them, there are no girls. Hmm Anyway, Take care folks! And stay safe and stay sane! ❤️
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