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  1. Update on the All Time Low show I'm going to: All Time Low have announced Creeper and themselves as their support acts. As in, Creeper (who are actually amazing so I'm happy with that choice) will play, and then All Time Low will come on for the first time to play So Wrong, It's Right in its entirety, leave and the come back on to play a normal show setlist. Can't wait. 1. Because I like ATL. 2. I like Creeper 3. I want to see how much my dad hates the show (it's going to be kinda funny hearing his reaction from it)
  2. Pierce The Veil has withdrawn from the All Time Low UK Tour so I'm just seeing All Time Low live now just with a different support act. Crossing my fingers hoping it's someone good
  3. I got tickets to see both All Time Low and Pierce The Veil at the same show in March
  4. Edited my About me section and my interests section a bit cause I got bored

  5. I haven't made a status update on here in ages. Do these still show up on the home page of the website or not? Oh well! How is everyone? I don't even know how active this site is anymore because I don't come on as often

    1. CosmicConstallation


      hey! how are you?

      yeah I just re-discovered this site as well. I do miss the MCRmy as it was. it seems pretty dead... but not as dead as the other official mcr site. 

      hope you're well!!!

    2. Charbarmanning


      Hi! I'm good thanks. How are you?

      Most MCR sites are quite dead these days but I'm still visiting them XD.

    3. CosmicConstallation


      Charbarmanning: good for you! It's people like us who keep the MCRmy alive. although it feels like we're its life support right now, soon enough it'll be flourishing on it's own again :)


  6. It's the Saturday beforehand. Can't wait!
  7. I got tickets to see Green Day in July too. That's Blink-182 and Green Day in the same week! I'm looking forward to it!
  8. Got my profile picture back up and running! This new website update made me re-validate my account and put my profile picture back on.

  9. I'm currently reading Nerve by Jeanne Ryan. I was attracted to this book because I saw the advert for the film adaptation but I thought I'd rather read the book first. I'm at page 124 currently and it's been really interesting so far. I would recommend it if you are interested in a book about an Internet dare game.
  10. HEY I'M FINALLY A KILLJOY! I must of been faking it before. TAKE THAT MOTORBABY STATUS!

  11. Talking to someone on twitter: Me: 'What am I doing? I'm listening to music which is 10 years old, saving images that are 10 years old and I'm sticking sticks to my face' Person: *logs off*

    1. Charbarmanning
    2. RadarAnomaly


      "sticking sticks to my face" hahahaha

  12. All there seems to be in my profile feed is 'Welcome to the site!' over and over again. I guess I'm just kind XD

  13. It's March 22nd, well at least it is here. At half past midnight im celebrating by spamming instagram and listening to bullets

  14. Hi, welcome to the site!

  15. Hey I'm a Motorbaby! Take that Cadet!

  16. I was so annoyed earlier today because I was talking with my friend about MCR's breakup date coming up and she says 'Yeah March 23rd was and still is an awful date'

  17. I'm freaking out!!!!! Kerrang has just released the cover art for the next magazine with Electric Century's album in it. It will be in the comments

  18. I've just realised I'm a Cadet now! Take that Member status XD

    1. grcemeise


      soon you'll be a Motorbaby like me!

    2. dead_on_arrival


      I'm a Cadet too Char!

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