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    UK - England to be specific
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    . Mcr, of course
    . Other bands (Just find my Spotify playlist 'All my playlists mixed together'. My account is Charbarmanning)
    . Pop-Punk, Punk-Rock, Punk, Alternative, "emo" + more music styles
    . YouTube, and lots of it
    . Being anti-social irl
    . Gaming, any console/laptop
    . Talking, but only online... and on a night when I'm full of jokes and emotions. I act like I'm drunk on a night but I don't know why. [Edit 4/9/17 or 9/4/17 for you Americans - LOTS OF SARCASM]
    . Drama, as in the school subject eg, acting
    . FOOD! It explains itself
    . Being lazy
    . Merchandise (Youtubers and bands)

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Hi der! I'm Charbarmanning. You can call me C, Charbarmanning, Charlotte, Charlottie, Cha Cha Slide or any nickname that you want! I don't really care what you call me as long as it's close to my name. I'll give up with the rainbow text. Just takes too long to type out! :P 


Where did I get my username from you may be asking. You're probably not to be Frank. I'm going to tell you anyway. Char comes from my name and when I were young my nickname was Charbaa because I loved making animal sounds. I changed it to Charbar because Char and Bar both end in R. Manning is my surname so put it together. Charbarmanning.


How did I discover MCR? July 2015. At school. In year 8. Must of been 12 nearly 13 at the time. Walk into form/VMG. Two of my friends are singing Na Na Na. I recognise the song (maybe from the radio or from the Sims 3) so I hummed along. The next day, they were singing Teenagers. I joined in because why not...even though I didn't know the lyrics... Or the tune. To be Frank, I just clapped along to what they were singing. I went home and just googled "Teenagers song" or something like that and found MCR. I was addicted to it and all the other songs with music videos. I never really heard any other hits or songs from them until I got the Greatest Hits CD for Christmas in 2015. Since then, I now have all the CDs (well not the singles but the main ones + TBPID and LOTMS), lots of official and non-official merchandise (t-shirts, wristbands, a wall flag, a book, a jacket which I'm wearing as I'm writing this, shoes) and lots of posters which are currently stuck up on my wall


Where did I get my profile pic from. I know you don't care but I'm still going to tell you. It is a screenshot from the YouTube clip 'My Chemical Romance "Greatest Hits" Trailer (Featuring the song 'Fake Your Death'). I'm listening to it now. I always nearly go into tears when I actually listen to the lyrics being sung by Gerard. :(  :unsure: . The part that it in is the part where they play clips from 'Helena'. I'm gonna play it again. I've wrote all the lyrics to Fake Your Death in my school planner [Edit 4/9/17 or 9/4/17 for you Americans - I wrote this whilst I was in Year 9 so it was in my Year 9 school planner but we weren't allowed to keep those for some reason. We weren't meant to keep our Year 10 planners either but I snook it out the gates] . I just hope a teacher doesn't turn to that page at random [Edit 4/9/17 - I was mainly worrying about my VMG mentor finding it but when he did, he was fine with it. He just told me to keep those pages closed when around other teachers XD]. I'm starting to write Na Na Na, can't be bothered writing in the bracketed section, in my planner. I've also got Blood in there. Dead! will also be added in there at some point along with as many more lyrics I can get in there. My friend Eleanor will be proud. She was the one who got me into Mcr. THANKS FOR THAT! I can't get their songs out of my head ever.


What's my personality like? Bubbly, shy-ish, crazy around friends, quiet when I'm alone, always humming something or just singing in my head, always online but I do occasionally ignore the internet. [Edit 4/9/17 or 9/4/17 for you Americans - People change but I can't be bothered editing this section XD]

What has happened since discovering MCR? Well, I think I've changed as a person over these two years. Can't tell if MCR was the culprit for this change or if it was just time. I think MCR was definitely a bit section of this. MCR indirectly introduced me to new music. The band didn't literally go 'LISTEN UP! LOOK AT THIS AMAZING BAND CALLED _____'; I would of been surprised if they did seen as the band had been apart for two years by the time I found them. It's a long chain of going from this to that. I got a Kerrang magazine in March 2016 because Mikey's new project Electric Century (along with David) had their CD included with the magazine. From that magazine, I came across (or rediscovered because there were bands in there that I'd heard of or heard music from in the past but never really listened to it) bands from many different genres: pop-Punk, Punk-rock, Punk, alternative, nu-metal, "emo", twenty one pilots because they are just a genre on their own. From Kerrang TV, I came across other bands from these genres. My first proper concert (not including ones with school or Guides) was going to see Green Day and Rancid on the 3/7/17 (or 7/3/17 for you Americans); with Green Day being one of the bands I rediscovered from Kerrang (I'm wearing a Green Day t-shirt right now). Within the same week I went to see blink-182, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls and The Front Bottoms, (my second proper concert) on the 5/7/17 (or 7/5/17 for you Americans). I rarely wear anything but merchandise or things I've bought online. I want to learn to play guitar or bass I've just never got round to asking my dad to use his. I can play a few songs on keyboard (usually singing parts not instrumental but oh well, I tried). I have started a CD collection (which has started taking over my bookcase). I don't ever leave town with my friends without either a band tee, at least 3 CDs or a wristband. Sometimes I consider getting a band pillow but then realised I'll have to walk around town and get the bus home carrying a pillow because they don't fit into most bags XD. I have so many posters on my walls. And finally, I've filled up my storage on my iPad with band pics. [Update 2/4/18] On the 16th March 2018, I went to see All Time Low & Creeper live which I wouldn't have done without Kerrang (which I wouldn't have discovered without MCR)

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