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    MCR (obviously), MSI, The Used, Magic: The Gathering, youtube, music in general, books, comics, art of almost any kind, MOVIES, you
  1. I never come on here much, I should change that

  2. I never come on here much, I should change that

  3. Mission Complete, back to base!

  4. Anyone, feel free to explain the new ranking system to me, I was admiring my avatar when underneath i saw "Motorbaby" (not that that isnt totally bad ass)

    1. digimodify


      Newbie- 0 posts

      Member - 10 posts

      Motorbaby - 20 posts

      Cadet - 100 posts

    2. CharlyWhorseKillsYourJoy


      *cracks knuckles* looks like I've got a goal to meet

  5. If we lose to freaking paramore, i will punch an alligator in the face then let it loose under your bed

  6. New avatar, i simply adore it

  7. New avatar, i simply adore it

  8. indeed, but if i see you at the gig ill give you a big high five ^-^

  9. Ah. That would be why I don't know him.

  10. oh well hes 15 or 14 as am i so thats probably why

  11. Hmm. I don't know a Bryce. I'm not sure how old he is. I'm 18 and go to Angelo State University here. Haha.

  12. his name is bryce :D i dont know if you know him though XD

  13. Who is your friend from San Angelo?! Maybe now you can have two friends from here instead of one!

  14. Hello there! So,you are from the Lurker page too?Which one are you? :)

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