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  1. Pumped Up Kicks on Discovery wat

  2. I never liked family Sunday meals

  3. timeline* all apologies.

  4. Ew, dried fruits are disgusting.

  5. omg what is wrong with this shop, how can they not have nachos?!?

  6. did the same mistake 4 times in a row. I am officially retarded.

  7. I should be leaving in like, less than 2h and I haven't even got out of bed #lookatallthefucksigive

  8. The Vaccines ad for Wetsuit at the @evanescence What You Want video #mevaccinsta

  9. ugh, first class is PE. I might as well go kill myself

  10. casually arguing with all the bullshit the religion teacher says

  11. he just passed by me without even stopping

  12. idk, considering how my next 7 days are going to be I might have a breakdown

  13. should I get me gusta song or trololol as my ringtone ah so many choices >.<

  14. TIC classes are finally funny

  15. *Panic! At The Bus Station * ~~

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