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    Aside from the obvious one, I love reading books or watching shows about angels and demons (especially demons). I am a certified SuperWhoLock fangirl. I love baking, and drawing even though I'm terrible at it. And my favorite place in the world to be is in a tightly packed crowd of people at a rock concert.

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When I first found MCR in 2015, it was just because I had some cash to blow on iTunes and I had heard SING. I started looking up more and more of their songs and found that there wasn't a single one that I didn't love. This was really unusual since I've always had such picky taste in music, so I started looking into the band itself and as I got to know the guys, I began to love them too. It was a few months until it really hit me that they were gone. How could they be gone when I'd only just arrived? I mourned the loss of my heroes two years late. But then I found the MCRmy. You guys showed me that it's true, what Gerard said. My Chemical Romance can never die because we're still here. I'm proud to be a member of the MCRmy.

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