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    Aside from the obvious one, I love reading books or watching shows about angels and demons (especially demons). I am a certified SuperWhoLock fangirl. I love baking, and drawing even though I'm terrible at it. And my favorite place in the world to be is in a tightly packed crowd of people at a rock concert.
  1. Danger Days t-shirt? Check. Leather jacket? Check. Three Cheers makeup? Check. Ready for March 22nd!

    1. Charbarmanning


      I'm buying stuff from online later rather than having it today. I'll spend my money today.

  2. I wish I could say I understand how you feel. I'm actually trying to get a job for the first time right now and the worst thing about it for me so far is the fact that I'm beyond antisocial and talking to people I don't know really well freaks me out to the point that I start shaking. Plus I don't have a license yet and I'd hate to ask people to drive me to work.
  3. That is super unfortunate for him... I never understood why people deal with that.
  4. And they can't even get along with each other.
  5. 4 am??? Why on earth are they working at 4 am?!?
  6. Wait, it's just some girl who lives above you?
  7. Name officially changed! Woohoo!!!

  8. Whoa. I just checked and apparently he's 32. I thought he was in his 20s too
  9. Fair point, he's not really right for the role. And I get where you're coming from. I can't watch a single movie based on any book I've read without raging at some point. Well... a lot of points. Okay, through the whole thing.
  10. I just spent the entire day trying to design a Killjoy outfit. I haven't been this psyched in so long!

  11. He is. He's Jessie Eisenberg and I'm almost certainly spelling his name wrong...
  12. Gracias for the honesty thread advice! My life is improved!
  13. Sorry, still a newbie. But this discussion is here for whatever we have on our minds right? Cause I am currently completely lacking a place or person that I can rant to with having just moved and being socially impaired.
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