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  1. hehe yeah...apparently so!! I thought I had almost done it again too but...i didn't. so let's see...how many... i can't remember but 12 or so haha!
  2. Viva la Vida ...now I'm listening to it. Yay Sandrah! Nice to see you! Glad to here about the happy new living arrangement!! Yay Sonia! Always nice to see you too! Grr! Sorry hun! Hang in there! See ya soon with good spirits hopefully! Sorry. Is this your dog or something? So, I went to post and got this message "You have posted a message with more emoticons than this community allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message" HAHAHA
  3. I nominate this month FRANK FEBRUARY!!

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    2. Charbarmanning
    3. dead_on_arrival


      We should make Valentines Day into second Halloween, then it will really be Frank February

    4. vacant alleyWAYS

      vacant alleyWAYS

      Lol now that's really obsessed! Haha

  4. Home sweet home! I hope everything gets better. You're too sweet to have this sh** happening! I mean, I remember reading things when I first joined up before I knew you and now I can honestly say it. Well dear, wishing the best for you! So, only the newbie is gonna miss me????
  5. M and G...you two are cute! Well folks, don't know if you have noticed, but I've been coming on less and less. Thinga are getting pretty hectic over here and so it might be getting even less and less time for me to spend here. Will still have PMs and will respond to the most pertinant topics, but we will just see. Anyway, I have come to really make some great friends or have some great times with others and wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me. And I wish all of you great success and happiness in life! Take care of yourselves and one another. Peace and love! Hope you all will Missy me! (sorry, I couldn't resist) Ok, I bid you adieu! Auf weidersein! Goodbye! So long, farwell...so long, and goodnight! Hahaha
  6. okay, now just anxiously awaiting the news of the Frank book release!!! (can't wait to see some of you there!)

  7. very random! I'm sooo tiiiirrrred! Talk to y'all tomorrow! Goodnight or goodday! (haha goodday mate! has anyone heard Frank's, forgive me, but lousy impression of an Australian (Australian, or Aussie?? correct name help me guys)??? )
  8. Last day!!! WeAreTheNeverenders@aol.com

  9. what's NaNoWriMo??? also glad to hear you are feeling better!
  10. All you guys and writing-that's awesome! I've never really had much patience to write a story...maybe I'd be more of a short story kindof person but...or a columnist! That's fun...I like writing letters and doing Q&A stuff...(sounds just more like having conversations ) Rachel dear, I hope you get well soon! Shoe shopping is supposed to be fun!
  11. Awesome G!!! I started a bit of two Vonnegut books last night (short stories and...I forget the name..."Mother???")...but I also have to read "Sense and Sensibility" because it needs to go back to the library...looking forward to all of these! Edit: 1) last night, I also started S&S. The topic is very interesting to me, but I didn't get far. 2) The Vonnegut book is called "Mother Night". This is VERY good! (and an easy read) Like seriously, why is it that I like all these things Frank suggests??? (oh, maybe cuz he just has great taste! ) Or maybe, I like it more... because I can see why Frank likes it. 3) I also looked up that novel Charbarmanning suggested to me (forgot the name, but it's saved on my Tablet). That also really does look interesting...wait, what was it about again??? but I do remember it being interesting...was it another war novel? (seriously, where's my memory? I must be overloading again )
  12. http://talk.mcrmy.com/index.php?/topic/7941-dreads-part-2/#entry391788 Folks, you may be interested in Frank's digital tour bus video (link is in "Frank Obsessed") that is, if you haven't seen it already. 4 more days to send in your submissions to the Frank book! WeAreTheNeverEnders@aol.com
  13. Couldn't agree more G! Nice writing! Although I'm admittedly a bit distracted by DrEAdloCKS!!!!
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