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    Basingstoke UK
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    I like movies and music and book... typical nerd lol.
    of course I adore MCR and other bands of similar genre.
    <3 my bass to bits and swear I dunno what I would do without her
  1. It's doctor who today!! Omg yes!!!

  2. That video....im not sure. X

  3. Pretty fucked off at life at the moment.

  4. Wish I could say everything i ever wanted to my parents and people i know without fear of repercussion. But thats never going to happen.

  5. Not really keen on this whole magaluf idea. Hate that it is not organised

  6. Maxie loves me even when i am poorly and grumpy! http://t.co/4Y0E0jWp

  7. Today i hate humanity. Why are people so evil to animals? They are not inferior to us!! Xx

  8. That awkward moment someone doesnt understand "put to sleep" is a nice way to say euthanise/kill....

  9. That awkward moment you think the cat and the dog are getting on...roll.over and the dog is humping he cat on YOUR bed. FML!

  10. Some people are such shits!! X

  11. Dont know why i fucking bother anymore. Completley fed up of life. X

  12. #AnimalHoarder looking through this and cannot believe some of you sick bastards making jokes about this!!!

  13. Cannot believe i have to have steroid ear drops and nose sprays for a freaking month! Xx

  14. Of course he was gunna fancy another guy. Dammnit.

  15. Having watched batman and robin i can most safely say i prefer christisn bale's batman.

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