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  1. YES !! Just bought Jet Stars jackets :D

  2. U.K fans shouldn't be to surprised about the price of the jackets because in good old english pounds the three sleeved jackets are around 62 pounds and franks jacket is only around 55 pounds. The prices are around the same amount they would be for a normal jacket or coat you could get from Asda or sainsburys (english supermarkets). :) But there is shipping costs on top of that. :(

  3. Gonna blast MCR throughout my house to annoy the grandparents and the neighbours haha

  4. Don't know why but I am really looking forward to school tomorrow. Also enjoying my lame dancing to MCR at the minute :)

  5. Surprisingly hot and sunny where I live in England today :)

  6. Yeah. It really is. D: Are you also in college?

  7. Yes, I am studying is one of the worst parts of being a teenage me thinks :)

  8. Are you still studying? :) Ohhh, wow. Yeah, I've read from the thread you're from the UK. I'm from the Philippines. :D

  9. Same here my weekends are full of coursework. I am from England, where are you from ? :)

  10. Me? Hmmmm. Just stressed with school workload. Thesis and those stuff. D: Ugh. Where are you from, btw? :D

  11. Yeh you too.I'm ok thankyou. How are you ?

  12. At home with a bad cold/infection thingy :( Not all bad though because I can spend my whole day on here :)

  13. How are you doing? :D It's nice meeting you.

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