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  1. Sounds awesome!^^ And yeah I know what you mean, must be easier talking to people over there :)

  2. California is pretty amazing! It's about 20 degrees outside, and sunshine almost every day. Like, you get surprised if it's cloudy or raining :) and the people are amazing! So warm and welcoming. Not as reserved as norwegians...

    1. Foxy Like A Badger

      Foxy Like A Badger

      Lol my heritage is Norwegian, yet I live in California \/(°-°)\/ 

  3. Yay for getting to know people :D

    I live right outside oslo. Like half an hour from the city centre. But this year I live in Redding, California :) therefore my weird times of being awake xD

  4. I'd like to get to know some more people here too! :D

    I'm from a small town in Nord-Gudbransdalen ^^ What about you?

  5. Thanks :)

    Lurking is fun, but we would really like to get to know you better!

    Good to hear, I'm doing pretty good myself :) where in norwxy are you frombtw?

  6. Hi! Thanks, I like your pic too! :)

    I end up lurking way too much instead of posting on this board, but I could join you guys! :D

    I'm fine thanks, how are you doing? ^^

  7. Hi! I like your profile pic!

    Sandra and I figured out we didn't talk much with scandinavian people on the board, so if you want to join scandinavian randomness you're welcome to join us in the scandinavian thread :D

    Other than that... How are you doing?

  8. Vote for MCR for Band of the Year: http://soundscenepress.com/?p=3177 :)

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      If i can get on the website, Ill VOTE LIKE HELL!!!

    2. KobraKidLover13


      it wont let me vote again >:o

  9. I have a question: Why isn't the I'm Not Okay video on My Chem's YouTube page? Is there a reason for that?

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    2. river
    3. Coffee Noise

      Coffee Noise

      Thank you! It says it's not available in my country. Guess that explains it! :P

    4. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Its not on my channel neither, and i live in the US!!

  10. http://talk.mcrmy.com/index.php?/topic/5272-mcrmy-music-video-save-yourself-ill-hold-them-back-line-sign-ups/ New one
  11. There's a new Poll we can vote in: http://bit.ly/nN4yTU :)

  12. Anyone want another follower on tumblr?

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