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  1. Hey! saw you on the 'post a pic of yourself' thread. Can I just say how pretty you are? :) haha, you really are! and that about the glove, it's so cool! You're friend is lucky! May I ask what your friend's name is? Cause I talked to a girl who got Frank's glove once, and I think it was in Ireland, not sure tho! xo

  2. Wow, now THAT is a cool thing to do on a night out, for real - a rock music thing. Sadly, most clubs play really, REALLY bad music, good musics such a rarity these days when all people want to listen to is mainstream pop beats. I actually DONT have plans for the weekend- most probably its gonna be a cosy weekend in, im afraid...enjoy your partying - i seriously need some myself! O.o

  3. ...pe you got everything you needed to done? :] xxx (I hate the way it just cuts off the end of comments D:)

    P.S. the tattoo design, cause I'm ttly psyched and feel the need to big it up :Dhttp://tinypic.com/r/wrhsia/7

  4. Aha snap to the pudgyness - though I prefer the term cuddly ;) though pshhht I'm sure you're a lovely size.

    The inside of your arm would look hardcore - and be totally noticeable too. With mine, I'd probably have to eyerape people by lifting up some of my shirt. 'TATTOO. LOOKNAO.' and hope they didn't sue for... indecent exposure? :P

    N'aww - ho...

  5. Well my friend started a new clubnight, instead of popsongs and stuff they play rock music, it sounds pretty awesome and tonights the first night so I'm gonna go along and take photos for him :D I'm not in school/college so I don't have to worry about weeknights! I'll be out tomorrow night aswell though :3 do you've anything planned for the weekend?

  6. as long as you're partying, well, that shouldnt be bad! How come you go out on a weeknight then? nothing tomorrow?

  7. well thats good :3 I've had along day too and I fear it'll never end, partying tonight woop woop :D

  8. Haven't been ghosted yet by any evil draculoids yet...so I'm fine, for now! Had a long day from early morning at uni, har har

  9. See I still haven't decided where I'd get it, I'd love to get it on my side but I'm pudgy so it'd look dumb, maybe the inside of my arm? And yes do post a piture! ahah

    I'm ok, super sleepy, but I've got a load of stuff to do today so no naps for me :( how are you?

  10. I most definitely am :3 it's the most awesome site ever! how're you!?

  11. Ahah ahmagah that's epic. Destroya would be the sickest lyrics ;D Where abouts'd you get it? I had my friend design me a tattoo yesterday - must post a picture of it, I'm actually in love with it <3

    How're you today? ^^

  12. howdy, killjoy! I think you're figuring out just as much as I am how awesome it is to be talking to other mcr fans on here:3

  13. Ohhhhh you're right!!! I didn't think about it....now I think it's time 4 meeee to go to SLEEP!!! *sudden inspiration for the last song to listen today* ;)

    See you tomorrow!!!! Goooood night!!!

  14. It's not that hard in Ireland! But it's definitely hard to find fans the same AGE as me! So this is a nice change, hahaha

  15. ahahaha I think it's the start of a new addiction (but coffee wins it all!)...It's strange for me to find soooooo many MCR fans!!! Here in Italy (or at least in my zone XD)it's not that easy....is it the same for you in Ireland?

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