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  1. What the fuck? How is My Chemical Romance not nominated in MTV VMA this year??????

  2. Have to stay awake for a couple of hours. Entertainment please?

  3. I'd never thought he'd top the half long black one but he really did with the red sidecut in the Na Na Na video so my answer will be red and I think it will always be! At first, when his hair was a little pink I thought it looked awful, but with everything that Danger Days brought with clothes and stuff. Red is the way to go.
  4. Svenska Killjoys we like a lot!

    Hej!! Nice to meet yaaa.

  5. Svensk killjoy, we like! :)

    Hej föresten! :P

  6. Swedish power for sure haha! Svenska Killjoys är de farligaste!

  7. I clicked the report button on the first post in the thread... I hope that's the way to do it And that you can put them together as one is really awesome Then things doesn't have to get lost.
  8. ^ Will do! Just glad to help. It would be a problem if we report different threads so both gets put away? But if we see which one is popular I guess we could do that yes!
  9. What an honor But yes must have been a hell of a work! Like a fulltime job! Btw. Watch out for the samesame threads. I think I've found like four "Twitter" threads now
  10. To the new Panic! of the disco record It's okay but still nothing like the first one.
  11. You are a mod on mcr.com??? That is supercool! How did you get that job?
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