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    Hogwarts :D
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    Music, Ice Skating (figure and hockey), concerts, 90s grunge music :}, being with the people I love, writing, singing, European & Classic English Lit.
    MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (duhhh!!) :D

    My Killjoy name is Lady Madness. Hit me up!!! :]
  1. yea i was reading thru the 'honesty' thread.

  2. you're worth the MCRmy's time!

  3. You're part of me, and I will never be the same here without you. You were gone too soon.

    1. pixie


      im sorry bout that. if you wanna talk we're here.

  4. Harry Potter? Midnight Show? Hells yeah!!!!! :D

  5. "Every night she cries, and dies a little more inside. Say you love me. Nothing left inside. Say you love me, and the silence will set her free."

  6. Apparently my hair color "distracts from the education of my peers." -_-

  7. Presale starts...the same time I'm taking finals :/

  8. So...will I be seeing any fellow Killjoys in Detroit in September? ;)

  9. Hey! I got your message, and the concert is a definitely maybe at this point ;) I just have to get a ride there hahah. Yeah, I'd love to have a Killjoy meetup! I'll let you know soon what the deal is (and I'm hoping I'm going!! :D)

  10. Hey Madi! I saw you in the 30STM Detroit thread and thought I'd say hi! Are you planning on coming to MCR's Detroit date on 9/11?? We're hoping to pull together a killjoy meet up if rmy members are interested. Let me know if you might be coming! Hope you had an awesome memorial day weekend :)

  11. Sing with me, sing for the year. Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear.

  12. Even if I try to win the fight, my heart will overrule my mind. And I'm not strong enough to stay away.

  13. Happiness hit her like a train on a track

  14. It's only Tuesday? dammit :(

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