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  1. @NALanguage burn baby burn

  2. @YoungGoobyLoL stop getting banned so i dont have to keep refollowing you jesus

  3. @shannonmaryyy frank iero

  4. @Csillabubu my heart is pounding i might be in love 😭😭

  5. @RiotSapMagic That's just my opinion though.

  6. This dude just threatened to afk when we just won the game ?_? https://t.co/Sd9EUEnUgU

  7. @Wingsofdeathx FikUWU what's this

  8. @Rime101 the ultimate definition of hardstuck

  9. Has anyone else been disconnecting for like half a second every 15 minutes or so in League since like last week or… https://t.co/8TWWbtVjtg

  10. @MinfiliaLOL im the same. so do we just bio each other now?

  11. @_blackgate the true esports power couple.

  12. i know more about Nickleback memes than I do about the band.. https://t.co/nCLeL5kbwr

  13. Hippity Hoppity Secret Account Statteroni's https://t.co/FXmC1Dq03g

  14. RT @everglaid_: omg i found a secret hidden cutscene in RE2!! https://t.co/Om5BcL6BD0

  15. RT @PrequelMemesBot: Critic: "Broom boy takes Star Wars universe in exciting new direction". Me: "Yes, but I think you meant broom boys." h…

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