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  1. New music video! :D It's a cover of FrnkIero andthe Cellabrations' Weighted:

  2. New music video! :D It's a cover of The Vindictives' Alarm Clocks:

  3. Canon in D Reinterpretation:

  4. New music video! It's a cover of Pieces from Sum 41!

  5. This was painful to write and listen..ugh... Simple Plan's TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM review: http://whatevereview.blogspot.my/2016/03/simple-plan-taking-one-for-team-music.html

  6. What are you waiting for? Go-Freaking-Watch-Deadpool-On Valentine's Day!!! It is the best romance movie of 2016!!!

  7. *This status have been removed due to inappropriate, unnecessary snoring noises*

  8. Right now, I need to take a hot shower...or maybe a cold one..

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