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  1. hey guys, idk if you remember me, but it's dollie (my user used to be thesaneabandondedme, but i dont remember any of the log in stuff for it lmao) but anywho, im so happy to see that there are still people on these boards after all this time. i hope that all of you guys are doing well. i came on today because 2019 is TOMORROW and it's so insane to think about all the nights that i spent with you guys talking about 2019, and the killjoy meetup and all of that.
  2. Swing kids is always a go to for me,that or beetlejuice. or if you're down for a musical, legally blonde is on youtube (the musical version is so much better than the movie)
  3. yo! sorry i keep popping up and disappearing. i've been busy with school and goats, but school is over now, and i have time, so hello!
  4. 8 days until fiatc. this week needs to hurry up

  5. wow, it's wild coming back on here after being gone for so long. like we are all growing up and becoming actual adults and holy shit dude. we've all matured so much and actually done really cool things with our life, it's so awesome. like i'm applying to colleges, and learning to drive, and wow we are old.
  6. and this is kc (feat me) the forums wouldn't let me post both at once. idk???
  7. this is billie (she is named after billie joe armstrong, because i'm lame)
  8. Hello sulfur! It's nice to see you again too! i hope they come back eventually sometime too, i think more people are going to start coming back that is so cool. i breed boer (meat) goats, for my school's ffa. birthing kids is weird dude. im messing around with the photo thing still i think i might get it to work soon though
  9. update- i forgot how to post pictures on here
  10. Like actual goats! Oh man, it really has been a while since ive been on here. I have a small army of goats at my school, and im about to get a new one. Let me find a picture of my children for you
  11. I'm happy to see you guys again! It's been raiding off an on here for like three days, i love it. yes it was. It's going well, I've been super busy playing with my goats in the rain, but it's great to be back here.
  12. is anybody going to see frank at chain reaction this month?

  13. oh man, is this still happening? is there any thing i can do to help?
  14. hey guys it's dollie, i don't know if you remember me, but i was missing you guys a lot so i decided to come back! so yeah, hello!
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