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  1. There’s a time and place for everything and your mad because you were straight inappropriate

  2. Lol @KinkyDiapers doesn’t deserve support honestly y’all sell kink items yet slut-shame? This ain’t it chief. Nobo… https://t.co/vU2vpscdiF

  3. RT @kiwi_doodles: Everybody that is doing #SpiderSona you know who would be proud? @TheRealStanLee

  4. Someone should just give me like 100$ for existing man.

  5. @cloeriley @tanamongeau I’d like it cause I’m stuck in the hospital for two weeks and I rly wanted one 🙃I may miss… https://t.co/4N8HN16r0x

  6. @joshuasophy You my friend, are a terrible person.

  7. @Snapchat @snapchatsupport bring this filter back thanks https://t.co/zW3bhHg55p

  8. @taylorndean @MissCombatQueen @TWolfangel @sir_dadderino Honestly is it even worth the fight at this point? Like cl… https://t.co/I8g02M63PQ

  9. @TanyaEva2 @Emily_graceffa @taylorndean Idk why this struck me weird maybe bc I was emotionally attached to her but… https://t.co/1C6Qtdkygq

  10. RT @WorstMuse: Having trouble coming up with a good resolution? Have you considered "It was all a dream"?

  11. @SocialRepose I’ll let you know if I figure it out, I’m busy trying to figure out how to delete myself

  12. @SP182 @SocialRepose @HeyThereImShan But you’re coming at her about privilege when it isn’t relevant. Richie is an… https://t.co/kVEJKOsZz8

  13. @LauraJaneGrace What an icon.

  14. RT @PostMalone: every single day all the shitty shit that's ever happened to you gets farther away and all the good shit that's gonna happe…

  15. RT @LanaDelRey: I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period.

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