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  1. RT @XMenMovies: This summer, the world will go dark. Watch the new trailer for #DarkPhoenix, in theaters June 7. https://t.co/ixDMkeNDeN

  2. @poof_michelle Even if they don’t do that plot line (doesn’t look like they will based on the teaser) I just want to see Hans returning

  3. “The Greatest Story Ever Told” by @ICENINEKILLS is one example of many of their songs that perfectly fits well with… https://t.co/SdoyAhY6yk

  4. @poof_michelle If they come to Chicago we are buying the tickets!!

  5. RT @ChrisEvans: This one is special. You guys have no idea... https://t.co/ELvt6w4blm

  6. @Gamers4LifeHQ @ICENINEKILLS @SXMOctane Can’t wait to hear it live tonight!!

  7. @NickyFGC Do you know if they allow a personal item get signed during the meet and greet?

  8. RT @MumsnetTowers: Competition time! To celebrate the release of #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald on Nov 16, RT for the chance t…

  9. RT @GeekVibesNation: Teaser for Disney’s #ToyStory4 coming summer 2019 https://t.co/FaKWLs82AB

  10. @AndersonsBkshp Okay, thank you!

  11. @LBardugo Thank you!! Looking forward to King of Scars and Ninth House!

  12. RT @LiamKelsall: NEW HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 TRAILER https://t.co/RpihgeCLdp

  13. Never forget what happened to the Elric Brothers on this day #Oct3rd https://t.co/KVjP7UFTMU

  14. RT @XMenMoviesUK: The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself. Experience the next step in the mutant saga with X-Men: Dark Phoeni…

  15. RT @WarnerBrosUK: The Wizarding World you know, the story you don’t. Watch the Final Trailer for #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwal…

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