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  1. Well it depends if Jade has put it on!!! I asked her not to!!!

  2. If it doesn'twork I'll let you know!!

  3. Yeah, PRETTY OBVIOUS! LOL.. Thanks for the personal message! BTW, one of my songs, the one you haven't recieved yet, will be on YouTube very shortly! I'm giving to Jade, as she has access to YouTube, and we both share the same account, OBVIOUSLY! The song is called 'Tenderness, the Next Big Thing', but I'll send you the link, or tell you what to type into YouTube when she's done it!

  4. Where abouts have you put it!!!??

  5. Oh, I'm sorry to hear!! I mean if that was me, I'd be dying it every day *_*!!!

  6. Thank you, it's half white at the minute all the colour fell off :L x____X


  8. Who's up for something incredicle!!!?? I am!!

  9. WHY??? BTW, send me your e-mail account. I've got a new one!!!!! XD

  10. Oh, I wish I got my piano lessons free... Though, oncde I've leant all my grade pieces she said I can learn anything, so I'll be buying some MCR and MUSE piano books!! Well... How's life??n

  11. GUYS!! VOTE FOR MCR IN THE MTV POLLS http://bit.ly/bHbFdf - there's the link!!! We must beat paramore!!!

  12. Just tell me you're paying for the lessons so he should let you!! I like rain, but I don't love it!!! You should learn Ghout of You! It's such a beautiful song, or Summertime!! That's a good song too!! :) xx

  13. That's a cool song!!! Well go on then, PRACTISE!!! I want to hear that you've practised a MCR song too!! XD jk... You don't have to!!!

  14. I'm so happy right now!!! But I have a dilemma!!! Which video is better: I'm not OKAY, or Welcome to the Black Parade???? Please suggest!!!

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    2. Jen


      I'm Not Okay, for sure.

    3. SkyRider


      I'm Not Okay, totally rocks upto Black Parade.

    4. ZombieKid


      Yes, forever I'm not okay! :)

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