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  1. So who's keeping score on who is a whore?

  2. 2 hours left at work, then time for a nap I think ..

  3. Totally touched a squirrel :) x

  4. I'm getting this stuff everywhere ... #innuendopumpkincarving

  5. Not much has changed but they lived underwater.

  6. Boy Division is amazing!

  7. I put £9 worth of petrol in my car because I couldn't afford anymore #tragic #HurryUpPayDay

  8. Gold on the ceiling, I ain't blind, it's just a matter of time before you steal it. #NowPlaying

  9. She's having a little difficulty getting it up :/ @LordChloe http://t.co/F1qydegs

  10. Quite depressing that's it's still dark this morning, no sign of light at all :/

  11. Malaria tablets for India are about £70 ... ouch.

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