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  1. Welcome Miri! I love that MCR still reaches new people. I think they're like Queen in that respect; they're timeless. I don't have a horse, but I have a dog and two cats!
  2. When I come on here it says the security certificate has expired (or something to that effect) and it isn't safe. I just bypassed it 🤣 But I'm wondering if that's why it's been so quiet.
  3. Hey, nice seeing you around! I did see this the other day but haven't had the emotional energy to respond yet. I'm so ready to start afresh but there's so much to get done still, I'm just exhausted! I hope you've been able to keep safe and enjoy your little getaway!
  4. Welcome both 😁 It's not very busy around here these days (there'll probably be a surge when MCR shows finally happen), but feel free to jump in and post wherever. It might liven things up 🙂 (I have twin cousins called Jazmin and Willow, obviously good names 😆)
  5. If you know anyone interested put them in touch! I have no friends who like MCR.
  6. Long shot, but is anyone interested in seven MCR t shirts (size small/medium) and an MCR jumper (small). They're mostly unworn or only worn once. I'd prefer to get rid of them all at once. I'm having to be ruthless now I'm moving from a three bed house into a probably small flat 😕 I'm only asking for how much anyone thinks they're worth. I just want them to have a good home!
  7. It's pathetic isn't it?! There are much bigger and more important things happening in the world right now!
  8. Thank you so much 💕 I give dog training advice on Facebook groups sometimes and some people get so offended 🙄 I only give advice when asked, and I try to be diplomatic and constructive, but some people don't like being told why using shock collars is cruel and ineffective and how they could help their dog in other ways 🙄 I'm sick of people coming on my personal profile to try and find ways to threaten me - yes you read that right!
  9. I have a random favour to ask. Is there anyone who has Facebook but isn't my friend that could check out my Facebook? I just want to make sure it's a private as can be with only my profile picture and cover photo showing. I can send a link if anyone can!
  10. I'm relieved too. I'm mostly relieved that instead of cancelling the tickets they made them valid for the new dates!
  11. Oh yeah the food thing. I'm glad it's not just me. I feel like I need to be eating the whole time I'm awake, and I have little self control 😅 We're going to come out of this a little heavier than we went in I feel!
  12. How is everyone? I hope you're all safe and healthy!
  13. You must be so excited to see mick mac! I'm glad everyone seems to be okay so far 🤞 It'll be two weeks tomorrow since I came in to contact with the client who has it and no symptoms so far so I can breathe a sigh of relief. Of course that doesn't mean I don't have it, I could be asymptomatic. I can't wait for this all to be over!
  14. I'm not stuck at home YET, I'm just agonisingly waiting to see if I become symptomatic as a client has it. I'm really upset with him, I don't know if I'm being dramatic but I feel... violated? I don't know if that's the right word. His dog was booked in for a walk and then groom last Friday (I transport him to the groomer after the walk). I arrived and both guys were home, which I thought was odd, but they were upstairs so I just got the dog, put his harness on and left. I walked him and drove him to the groomer, waited for him to be groomed, then dropped him home again. When I dropped him home the one guy was downstairs and acted really weird, no small talk like normal on the rare occasions I see him. Thinking back to it, he was odd when I tried to come into the kitchen where he was so I just stopped, asked if he wanted me to take the harness off the dog (to which I got a blunt "no") and left. I didn't think anything of it until Monday morning when the client messaged saying he and his family were self isolating as he's sure he has it (in the last five weeks he has travelled to Italy and America for work so it's highly likely). From the way he acted on Friday, I'm now certain he knew then, but didn't want to say anything in case the walk/groom got cancelled. There's not really any other explanation for why both clients were home and they acted so weird. I'm livid because they don't know me, they don't know that I'm not diabetic, pregnant, asthmatic and so on. I'm just so shocked at how selfish it was, just so their dog was could be groomed. The irony is, if they'd told me I still would've walked their dog, I'd have just known to take extra precautions, but I didn't introduce my full "coronavirus policy" and put a statement out until Saturday (though obviously I was hand washing more frequently by then - but that's hard to do on a walk!). Thankfully, I'm a healthy adult, and there's only a very small chance I will have picked it up from the dog/while in the house. If I do get it I don't doubt I'll be fine, but the lady who groomed him is about 70 so may not be, and I was at a workshop on Sunday with a lady who's been in and out of hospital with a chest infection for two months and she may not be either 🤬 I am "social distancing" (aka living my life exactly the same as before 😂). I'm only leaving my house to work (I don't really see any humans so I should be fine!), and I'm taking a lot of precautions to protect both myself and the owners. I'm just so annoyed at the situation 😒
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