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  1. Happy New Year everyone 🎉🥂 I just read a tweet saying tomorrow Danger Days will be set in the past 😱
  2. It's not really sunk in for me either. Hopefully once I see some footage it'll become real. Cassie just posted some links to live streams on her twitter if you haven't already seen 😊 I hope they'll be available after!
  3. How does everyone feel about today?! I bet MCR are really nervous!
  4. When I was at uni there was a smoke alarm in every room and it was seriously the loudest thing I've ever heard. The worst bit was that if it went off we had to go and stand outside, no matter the time, and people would come round to check you were outside. It went off every week usually between 7-9am, which for a student is the middle of the night!
  5. Today was my third day training as a dog walker. It was also the first day I didn't fall over 🤣
  6. I was in uni when in came out. I remember getting up early to catch a bus into town and being so excited to finally get it. I still have the bus ticket!
  7. I'm Kerry, you can call me Kez too (she/her). I'm 27 and live in the rainy UK. I'm an admin here so if you have any issues with your account, the forum, members or anything else feel free to pm me. I've been an MCR fan since around 2006, or maybe 2005 (just before TBP came out) and saw them live four times on the Danger Days tour. I need to top up that number so they'd better play some UK dates! I'm pet obsessed and have two cats, a dog and a hamster. I'm particularly passionate about dog welfare so will go on and on about that given the chance 😂 I've just got a job with a reputable dog walker who wants to train me to be a puppy specialist in a year or so. Does that count as three facts? 🤣 I don't think there's anything else interesting about me! Here's a picture of my dog teasing his Christmas outfit instead 😁
  8. I've had a such a crap couple of years and everything is falling into place! It makes me so happy seeing everyone again!
  9. It makes me so happy seeing everyone else here so happy 😁
  10. That's definitely a good idea, you can't back out when you've told people lol Okay, I've done some fiddling in the admin section that I don't understand and set it to only archive things that haven't been posted in for three years (was previously one year) - it should un-archive any that have been posted in in the last three years soon!
  11. That's such a good idea (and well done for sticking to it!). I've tried going to the gym regularly before but it didn't work 😂 So I unarchived most of the threads on that first page, and some have worked but some haven't 🤔 The ones that haven't unarchived now don't have the option to try again I'll have another look after work today on a desktop rather than phone version.
  12. It's crazy seeing how every one has grown up! I do miss the good old days of everyone being active. I've just noticed that loads of pinned threads have been automatically archived, so I've tried to in-archive them. If you notice any threads you want to comment on/think should be open but they're archived let me know.
  13. I believe they're non-transferable. See the other post in "MCRmy Discussion". I'm going to lock this thread so we don't end up with lots of threads asking the same thing. Any future enquiries can be addled to the existing post about tickets
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