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  1. I have got someone interested in it, but it's had to go on the back burner for now because things have gone crazy with my house sale. I'll get round to sorting it in a few weeks. If they don't want it I'll let you know 😊
  2. I just realised I forgot to add the front of the middle picture! They're all for sale if anyone is interested.
  3. Hi everyone! I hope you're all good 😁 I've sort of been skim reading the conversation because I'm so busy at the moment 😫 The singlet thing made me laugh 🤣 I'm currently sorting through some of the stuff in my attic and I just found loads of MCR memorabilia that I didn't know I had, including some signed and rare things 😲
  4. Thanks both. I feel extra bad as my mum is really poorly. Thankfully it's not breathing/coughing related but she is being sick lots and is struggling to eat, she says it's very much like the flu so far. My step dad isn't feeling amazing but is well enough to get out of bed and dressed and potter around the house.
  5. So... A week or so ago I had asymptomatic covid I think 🙃 I didn't know at the time and only know now because I infected both of my parents 🙃 I feel so bad, but I'm especially annoyed because I've actually followed all government guidance and been really cautious. Basically, one of my clients tested positive and I had been in their house a few days before (to pick up their dog while they weren't there). I have procedures in place to protect myself and my other clients, but I just KNEW if there was any client I'd get it from it'd be this one - because most dogs I collect from the garden if the owner is in, or I only have to go in, clip the lead to their collar (which they're already wearing), and go out again. But for this client, I have to go through THREE locked doors, chase the dog around until I catch him, put a collar, harness and coat on while he's trying to lick my face (he's honestly the only dog that obsessively tries to lick me), and then lock three doors on the way out. It's the ONLY client where I felt unsafe, and lo and behold they're the ones I caught it from 😑 So after that, even though I don't think I *needed* to isolate (as I hadn't been in contact with the client), I still isolated for 10 days because I'm responsible and would feel horrible spreading it... 🙄 After I think 13 days I saw my mum and step dad who I'm in a bubble with because my isolation was over and I felt fine, but five days later they both come down with it at the same time, so that implies they caught it at the same time rather than one bringing it home from work and there being a delay before the other got it. In addition my mum does lateral flow tests twice a week which show if you've had it in the last 90 days. On Wednesday she tested negative, but on Friday she started feeling ill and tested positive on Saturday. So it almost certainly came from me... So yeah, that's fun. Obviously I would've continued isolating if I thought I had it... But asymptotic really means asymptomatic. I didn't even feel tired or under the weather. I'm so grateful that I'm cautious and have lots of procedures in place at work. I'm fairly confident I wouldn't have spread it to a single other person, that's how confident I am in my procedures... But obviously you can never be sure 😬 And theoretically my mum and step dad shouldn't have spread it to anyone either as my mum has her own office that she doesn't let anyone in and my step dad is retired and pretty much only goes out for short walks. But still.... I just need to go URRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH
  6. I'm so relieved - both because Trump's reign of terror is over, and also because so far we've got through today without riots or assassinations...
  7. I used to be blanket 'work relationships are bad', but it's also ridiculously hard to meet men/whatever you're into. I think a lot people meet their significant others through work but then they coincidentally change jobs. I guess long term working in the same place could get old because you don't have much of a break from each other. I don't see a problem in pursuing it, but I suppose it depends how closely you work together and how you think you'd handle it if it didn't work out.
  8. Okay so I can't do the update and I have no contact at WBR any more since Tina left years ago. Oh well. With the rules I mainly just wanted to highlight that this board is pretty old now so things might be archived and we don't need reports of content from 2012.
  9. Oh my gosh, I've just watched these again... blast from the past much. I would have been 16 in the first one I did (MWHITY) 😱
  10. Also, I've just edited the rules (shh, don't tell anyone official... oh wait, there is no-one official!) If you have any other suggestions to add/remove/edit please let me know.
  11. Just to keep people in the loop, there's been a nagging notification for months to upgrade to the newest version of this software, it was blue and now it's gone flashy red telling me it needs to do a security update. Going to attempt to update it... so if the forums no longer work after this then you can blame me 😂 I have updated it before so hopefully it won't 🤞
  12. Happy New Year! I hope 2021 is a better year for everyone 🥂🎉
  13. One of my clients gave me a card with £50 in it today. I couldn't believe it. Another one gave me £30, and others have given me wine and chocolate. I honestly wasn't expecting anything at all so I'm a bit speechless!
  14. Welcome Miri! I love that MCR still reaches new people. I think they're like Queen in that respect; they're timeless. I don't have a horse, but I have a dog and two cats!
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