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  1. I'm so relieved - both because Trump's reign of terror is over, and also because so far we've got through today without riots or assassinations...
  2. I used to be blanket 'work relationships are bad', but it's also ridiculously hard to meet men/whatever you're into. I think a lot people meet their significant others through work but then they coincidentally change jobs. I guess long term working in the same place could get old because you don't have much of a break from each other. I don't see a problem in pursuing it, but I suppose it depends how closely you work together and how you think you'd handle it if it didn't work out.
  3. Okay so I can't do the update and I have no contact at WBR any more since Tina left years ago. Oh well. With the rules I mainly just wanted to highlight that this board is pretty old now so things might be archived and we don't need reports of content from 2012.
  4. Oh my gosh, I've just watched these again... blast from the past much. I would have been 16 in the first one I did (MWHITY) 😱
  5. Also, I've just edited the rules (shh, don't tell anyone official... oh wait, there is no-one official!) If you have any other suggestions to add/remove/edit please let me know.
  6. Just to keep people in the loop, there's been a nagging notification for months to upgrade to the newest version of this software, it was blue and now it's gone flashy red telling me it needs to do a security update. Going to attempt to update it... so if the forums no longer work after this then you can blame me 😂 I have updated it before so hopefully it won't 🤞
  7. Happy New Year! I hope 2021 is a better year for everyone 🥂🎉
  8. One of my clients gave me a card with £50 in it today. I couldn't believe it. Another one gave me £30, and others have given me wine and chocolate. I honestly wasn't expecting anything at all so I'm a bit speechless!
  9. Welcome Miri! I love that MCR still reaches new people. I think they're like Queen in that respect; they're timeless. I don't have a horse, but I have a dog and two cats!
  10. When I come on here it says the security certificate has expired (or something to that effect) and it isn't safe. I just bypassed it 🤣 But I'm wondering if that's why it's been so quiet.
  11. Hey, nice seeing you around! I did see this the other day but haven't had the emotional energy to respond yet. I'm so ready to start afresh but there's so much to get done still, I'm just exhausted! I hope you've been able to keep safe and enjoy your little getaway!
  12. Welcome both 😁 It's not very busy around here these days (there'll probably be a surge when MCR shows finally happen), but feel free to jump in and post wherever. It might liven things up 🙂 (I have twin cousins called Jazmin and Willow, obviously good names 😆)
  13. If you know anyone interested put them in touch! I have no friends who like MCR.
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