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  1. Heya. What's up Taylor? :))

  2. Thanks for the add. What's up? :)

  3. I couldn't agree more to that! :) But boys rock too.

  4. Haha. School's boring eh? What year are you in now? Oh. It's already our school vacation. I'm just busy producing an indie film right now.

  5. Oh. So, you don't have any classmates and stuff and you need not go to school? Wow. I like that. :))

  6. I couldn't agree more to that. My passion is videography and making scripts for films and such. Hey, what camera are you using btw? :)

  7. #sincewebeinghonest I WILL BE OFFLINE FOR A FEW DAYS. <3

  8. Will be offline for a few days or so. Shooting films are just so demanding!

  9. Just viewed your photos. These are like your shots? Hi-FIVE killjoy! You have an eye for photography Noodle. :D I'll also talk to you on Facebook then.

  10. Yeah. Me too! OMG. That's like so cool Noodle. We have the same interests in a different sort of way. :)

  11. WOW! You did two cool courses! So, you're like employed already. Hmm. I'm a fourth year Broadcast Communication student here. :)

  12. Yep, I am your student alright. Except I'm not officially enrolled in your class. LOL. Speaking of, how's school for you?

  13. Oh. Hello then Noodle! What a cute nickname. Just call me Hayce. You go to school? :)

  14. Haha. Yun lang din gawain ko dito eh, maglurk. :D So, how long have you been a fan?

  15. Oh thanks Caitie! I'm touched, seriously. Haha. But I enjoy reading your posts more. I learn a lot about MCR - - you can be like my Teacher Caitie teaching the MCR subject. :D

  16. Yeah. Hi-5 killjoy! Btw, what name can I call you? Since, well, you know, we're kinda getting along anyways.

  17. Online classes? Why? We don't do it here so I'm not actually aware of it. Haha.

  18. Yep, I'm going fourth year college now. :) How's school btw?

  19. Oh COOL! Haha. Thanks, I really wish so. In other matters, you going to school? :) Hey, I think we can be like good friends.

  20. Let me say this again: LUCKY YOU! Oh. That's my dream you know, to meet them. Tell me the details please! :))

  21. Whoa. You're lucky. Tell me how it was then. :) That's like my dream. Oh, way back in 2008, MCR had a one night concert here. Good thing they had. Wee!

  22. 6:00 a.m. and awake for a day. THESIS!

  23. Yep, yep, girls can dominate too at times. :)

  24. WOW! Lucky you? You've met the band in a Meet and Greet? Hmm. Luckily, yes, I've seen them live once when they went here in the Philippines.

  25. Disenchanted's an absolute masterpiece. :) Have you seen the band perform live?

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