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  1. HAHA. I see. Well, I'm currently busy with my thesis and I will be working part time soon. Kinda bummed because I won't be online for quite a while. Don't forget me just yet, okay? LOL!

  2. How do you get such a high reputation in this site anyways? LOL.

  3. Yep, yep. It was Helena for me too. It started it all. :)) Exactly what city in Manila are you from?

  4. I love Yellow by Cold Play! And so it's Helena eh? Good. When's the performance? Good luck to your band!

  5. OH OKAY. Now I really get it Christina. Thanks! So, what's keeping you busy lately?

  6. I love to read! Do you have like a favorite author or novel? I play the piano, and compose my own songs. :)

  7. Hiya! Thanks for the add. How did you change your member title dear? :))

  8. We're like in the same line of course eh? Good luck! Media arts is just love! Well, I can actually pass off as a news reporter, but I aim to be a movie scriptwriter or a song composer in the near future. How about you? :)

  9. Yo Kate! *waves* Hayce here. :))

  10. Yep, and meeting other MCRmies is just a part of the fun as a fan. :D

  11. Nope. College of Communication, sa may Pureza. :) Broadcast Communication course ko. Ikaw? YAY! Saya naman. Found another MCRmy from PUP!

  12. What are your other interests? Do you play music? :)

  13. So, in other matters, what keeps you busy lately?

  14. Ow. I'm really curious about your online classes! Do you like use the webcam all the while just so the teacher will see that you're not cheating in your exams? LOL.

  15. HAHA! Okay, your sense of rumor got me LMAO! Of course, a fan of MCR hun. :D

  16. It means you have to be online on the time your teacher wants to and needs to? Oh. I think I kind of get the point. You have to be like in front of the computer always hun.

  17. And the surprise encore performance would be? Haha. C'mon, I won't tell. LOL. As if I could. :D

  18. Well, yanno. Just school and MCR. LOL. How's school for you? :)

  19. Like yeah. Four years of waiting seemed so fast actually.

  20. But is it more expensive than going to a real school? The good thing is you get time to sleep and listen to music in that case. :))

  21. Yep, IKR. I just love film making! Our SLR is also Canon. Short animes eh? Wow, that's so cool! I don't know a thing or two about animation.

  22. Oh geez thanks. But really, you seem a lot cooler than me. :) So, how's life being a fan?

  23. Wow! Cheers! You're off to college. What course are you planning to take? I'm busy producing a short film and finishing my thesis draft. I'm in fourth year college now. :)

  24. I'm from COC naman. Going fourth year na. Yay! Schoolmate! :))

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