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  1. Mock defense for our thesis tomorrow. #wishmeluckplease

  2. C'mon, c'mon, F.T.W.W.World!

  3. It's all about teenage angst and never wanting to face adulthood or something. Haha. I'm actually not sure. But one thing's sure, Frank loves that book. The school in that book is named Pency Prep yanno? Just like Frank's first band. :))

  4. Move your body when the sunlight dies, babe.

  5. *crosses fingers* Yeah. I'm sure they'll remember us Asian fans. It's a world tour for Gerard's sake! :D

  6. It's 12 mn - - again. Goodnight!

  7. Haha. Yeah, that's like so true! I cried when Gerard entered stage and when he spoke in Filipino. Gaah! This topic of ours makes me miss him. Let's wish we are included in The World Contamination Tour!

  8. A killjoy was found covered in her own blood because another killjoy told her to kill herself. I TOTALLY HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE.

  9. Yep, yep. They've been here! :) In 2008, they had a one night concert, and I did not miss it for the world! They're amazing live performers! And I really wish they come back here in Asia, and stop there in Thai. :)

  10. Hey, hey! How are you killjoy? :))

  11. They say that that book is the inspiration for S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. :)

  12. Oh. Too bad hun. I know you definitely want to see them.

  13. Super belated happy birthday Caitie! Now, we're both eighteen! :))

  14. Yeah. I know. Work's just cool, lots of paper works though. I'm actually buying an MCR toys merch but the seller just won't reply to my messages. Sucks. How are you? :))

  15. Haha. Well, you being a ManileƱa was just a thought. :D Yep, I'm from Manila. Baguio eh? I'll be there two weeks from now. :) So, if you leave that far, were you able to watch the MCR concert here?

  16. Gotcha. Thanks Noodle! Have you read The Catcher in the Rye?

  17. OH YEAH! You're wearing the MCR jacket! I didn't notice it at first. Wow, pretty!

  18. We're both Asians then! Hooray for Asian killjoys! Has MCR been there?

  19. Oh. Di kasi ako nag-summer eh. What year are you na Kristine?

  20. Found MCR figures sale online at a really LOW PRICE! WOO! Gotta buy them.

  21. Oh. I'm definitely sure. Again, good luck! :)

  22. Oh I see. :) I love Sophie Kinsella books! Haha. And Suzanne Collins books. Perhaps you can suggest nice novels that I can download online.

  23. Oh I see. Well, I have to be really active here then. Haha. How's it going? :)

  24. Going offline because the connection's SLOWWWWWW. I miss the #MCRmy though.

  25. Haha. Yep, katapat ng CEA. Isolated kami eh, amp. Dalawa kami sa COC. :) Hope I bump into you sometime then. What's your name nga?

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