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  1. Starting the pre-production of our killjoy video. Wish us luck #MCRmy.

  2. Goodnight. Wake me up in the morning, cuckoo clock!

  3. Winter in South Africa? Now that's something new for me. I'm really learning a lot about South Africa because of you Noodle. I even boasted that to my friends and they were all shocked to know that South Africa is not a continent. Haha.

  4. Congrats! Oh. The camp was great, but it was extremely cold. We camped out at the coldest place in the Philippines for the summer camp, how ironic. Haha.

  5. Tattoo artist eh? Hooray! Perhaps one day you can add a tattoo to Frank's body. Haha. Who knows right? And oh yes, any job related to bands and band managing is awesome. Sometimes I dream of producing concerts and shows. Haha. Dreams, dreams.

  6. My dream job? Well, it's to enter the media industry. But my dream profession is to be a song composer. How about you? :))

  7. Hey! :) It's so hot here in Manila, how's your vacation? Summer classes perhaps? Wish you'd make an account in Facebook or Twitter, communication's easier there. I have this plan and I think you can help me out. Let's make a killjoy-inspired video. :)

  8. Lucky you! :) But once I get a job and graduate college, perhaps I can have my own credit card. Haha. So, your vacation's pretty soon huh? Yay!

  9. The summer camp was great! I always attend it every year. :) And how's school for you? Hmm. Well, if I googled it, I have to pay using a credit card right? And the problem is: my mom wouldn't allow me to use hers for sure.

  10. Hi! *waves* How are you? Sorry for this late reply, I just came home from a summer camp.

  11. Now this is a really late reply, sorry. I just came home from an awesome summer camp. :) The royal wedding was epic here in our country, you know, they say it's like Cinderella in real life and things like that. But I'd rather marry Gerard than a prince. HAHA. Kidding. So, how are you and your Fun Ghoul vest? Your dad's one generous and supportive father, if I may add. :))

  12. Hey Kate! I'm doing good. You?

  13. So, how's your latest project going Noodle? :) Sorry for this late reply, I just came home from a summer camp.

  14. Hey, sorry for this super late reply. I just came home from a summer camp. :) Oh, the dolls are not sold from eBay. Now, I just lost my chance of owning one of those dolls, the seller still has not replied. Haha. How are you?

  15. Haha. Yep, Pinoy ako. And you're from where pala?

  16. Okay, I got in the new forum site already. Yeah! We should have met! The weather actually shocked me, t'was so damn cold and the heater in Green Valley isn't working properly. We visited Mines View, PMA, Burnham and Camp John Hay. But the thing I loved the most Xed is everytime the fogs go down and I'd see nothing on the road except for that white beauty. Btw, what's your FB and Twitter accnt? :)

  17. Heya xed! I'm home from Baguio. So the forum news was kind of a "REALLY?" to me. The link is not available. Please send a direct link to me, thanks. And hey, I'd love to be a mod. :)) Btw, Baguio's awesome!

  18. OMG! My Buzznet account is still ALIVE!

  19. Like yeah Caitie, it's been like weeks. I thought you were already inactive in this site. :D I'm doing alright. Hey, I love your Fun Ghoul jacket! How much did that piece of treasure cost you hun? :))

  20. NO. The seller did not reply at all. But it is still sale online. They're MCR (Revenge) dolls, they're petite and handy though. I wish I wish I wish I could have them!

  21. I'm doing good, thanks for asking. And you Rej?

  22. A few minutes to tweet before office hours resume. LOL.

  23. Haha. of course you'd see me here xed. I'll give you one heck of a tour 'round Manila once you come over. :) And I hope MCR comes next year here, then we can like meet in a few months time. But really, I thought you just lived somewhere here in Manila.

  24. Heya Noodle!~Sorry for the late reply. How are you now? :)) I'm planning to do an MCR music video of some sort, but you know how plans are. Haha.

  25. Okay. So I'm seriously drooling over your jacket now. Haha. So, how was your band performance? :)

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