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  1. First day of senior college tomorrow. #youknowwhatsucks

  2. Cockroaches are roaming. Means its dawn and I have to sleep.

  3. Yep, yep. Makes me want to see your country too. Uh yeah. Braces are like cool, but it hurts so much at first. Yay! Finally, I can ask for braces tips from you then. HAHA.

  4. Aw. Hiatus puts a negative thought in my mind. It's as if the band will never come back again from rest. Oh well, I hope you guys gets a new drummer soon though.

  5. Who's online? Let's talk, yes, please? :)

  6. Hey, hey. You busy lately Caitie? I've lots to tell you. LOL. xo

  7. I sooooo love your pic mod! You've met Gerard, awesome!

  8. Watch this @Lorain_Ree and see the effects they used on the raygun.

  9. Finally active around here huh? Nice! :))

  10. So, are you like stopping the band or something now?

  11. Yup, the one on the gangs' list. But I already saw you around the PH forum so, forget my question. :)

  12. Yanno, I remembered you again Noodle. Last week, Maroon 5 was here in our country. They were interviewed on TV and was asked of the most beautiful place they've ever been and they said SOUTH AFRICA. :))

    Oh. I'm doing good. My job's done, I got my salary, I finally have all the MCR CDs, and I've got braces. School's a coming! Excited?

  13. Talking with my scriptwriter for the killjoy video we're producing. #junewish is to finish this thing for MCR & Killjoys!

  14. To inspire me, I placed my 4 MCR CD's in front of me. Fancy!

  15. A new song? Wow. It's got a catchy title. I'm sure your show went with a bang. Congrats!

  16. Oh, I see. Have you joined the MCRmy PH forum?

  17. Oh. I am not really a fan of 30STM, but my friends are, and they're so excited to see Jared live. :) How are you?

  18. Thanks to online shopping, I'll be having a new MCR CD on Monday. <3

  19. First meeting with my scriptwriter for our killjoy video today. HELL YEAH.

  20. Hmm. About two months or so. I'm just meeting up with the scriptwriter today. Oh, thanks, thanks! We're going to make this extra special for MCR.

  21. See, we're producing a killjoy video right now. If things turn out good, can you pretty please be one of those to help us promote it among the MCRmies? Our goal is of course, MCR be able to watch the video.

  22. Hey. :) Can I ask your help on something?

  23. Hahaha! Okay I get it now. Hey, you know what? 30STM is coming here in the Philippines soon. I just remembered your story about watching them live.

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