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  1. RT if #neverinamillionyears will you exchange your MCR fandom for a million bucks.

  2. Rock the night tomorrow during the #MARSINMANILA because this is your dream @sunakochaaan and @kateverdalyn. It'll be a night to remember <3

  3. Who here read V.C. Andrews' novels? I do! I do!

  4. A big whacking NO to animal abuse! #damnyoucrushvideos

  5. On the verge of hitting the computer desk, dozing out.

  6. Aw, nothing. I just felt like dropping in your page. :)

  7. Can I have more killjoy friends?

  8. Do you believe that being cool is an in-born trait?

  9. My autographed Gerard Way poster - http://t.co/UVlfP6W

  10. Tomorrow is the @MCRmy and @MCRmyphils Grand Meet-Up! Wish us the one hecking of a fun-fun-fun time together killjoys. :))

  11. Its 12 midnight so goodnight. Will be working on a radio station tomorrow. #shivermetimbers

  12. The IMCRD is near! Filipino @MCR_FANS are so excited for our meet up.

  13. Finished reading The Catcher in the Rye. Holden Caulfield is <3

  14. Yes, I can see your tweets @MyBlackRevenge.

  15. Aw. You guys should try out for American recording companies though. I mean, if you got the chance, it's a possibility right? :)

  16. I see your face in the strangest places, movies and magazines.

  17. Blogging at Zone 6.

  18. We have this MCRmy mission here in Manila. I am about to direct a very short killjoy video. The concept, of course, is still the same as MCR's but the writer and I came up with a different story. We're currently on the pre-prod stage right now and will start shooting soon. Here are the costume designs of our characters:


  19. I see. At least you guys are still making music together. And that's the best part of it. Why not try passing your songs to a record label?

  20. It's midnight here in the Philippines so goodnight to my adored @FuckYeahAndyB and @Kimi161! <3

  21. Curse yo, slow internet connection! This is my only time to be online, and you're ruining it. #bitter

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