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  1. Thanks for the add. :) Sup?

  2. Oh. Now that makes me wish that I live in America too! You guys are so lucky over there. They visited our country ONCE way back in 2008. I watched the concert and saw them, but they did not give the Filipino fans a meet and greet chance, know what I'm saying? Have you been to a Meet and Greet with them?

  3. Whoa. Six loyal years full of MCR-ness for you, eh? I've been a fan since 2006, The Black Parade era. I'm sure you've been to tons of MCR shows, am I right?

  4. Howdy? :) Yep, no need to guess on that matter. So, how long have you been a fan?

  5. Hey. I'm doing fine, thanks. And you? You're from Texas right?

  6. This site's just awesome! And to think that its just getting started. We're ought to meet more and more killjoys definitely. :)

  7. Hey, you're welcome! So, what's up? :)

  8. Hey there!

    How's it going for you? :)

  9. Thanks for the add! Hope we can be good friends. :)

  10. Let us all take part and support the @EarthHour people.

  11. This site's eating me but I think I'm kind of managing already sis. :)

  12. I am absolutely new on this absolutely new website - - and so are you right?

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