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  1. Hey there!

    How's it going for you? :)

  2. It's not too far though, along EDSA lang yung venue. We chose a place na accessible sa ating lahat para maraming makapunta sa Ieroween party. :))

    Course na walang Math? Baka 'yung Music and Culinary courses walang Math. Pero 'yung course ko, meron pa rin kahit di naman kailangan eh. And as for school, UGH! Buti na lang last year ko na with school and stuff.

  3. Watch this @Lorain_Ree and see the effects they used on the raygun.

  4. We have this MCRmy mission here in Manila. I am about to direct a very short killjoy video. The concept, of course, is still the same as MCR's but the writer and I came up with a different story. We're currently on the pre-prod stage right now and will start shooting soon. Here are the costume designs of our characters:


  5. Well no, actually college is not that hard as I once presumed, especially if you love your course, and I do love mine!

    Aw, but I hope you can come to the party para madami tayo. HAHA. This site used to be very very active, ngayon di na masyado kasi pasukan na ng lahat ng killjoys.

  6. Yanno, I remembered you again Noodle. Last week, Maroon 5 was here in our country. They were interviewed on TV and was asked of the most beautiful place they've ever been and they said SOUTH AFRICA. :))

    Oh. I'm doing good. My job's done, I got my salary, I finally have all the MCR CDs, and I've got braces. School's a coming! Excited?

  7. #FF to the killjoys I that makes Twitter bearable! @imhighonmisery @Kimi161

  8. #sincewebeinghonest I WILL BE OFFLINE FOR A FEW DAYS. <3

  9. #ThingsWeAllHate Losing two followers in less than a day. Sad, sad, sad.

  10. *crosses fingers* Yeah. I'm sure they'll remember us Asian fans. It's a world tour for Gerard's sake! :D

  11. 1 follower to 160. Please, just one more?

  12. 2 a.m. and will now be watching Breaking Dawn Part 1.

  13. 2:00 a.m. on the clock and I still have to endure hours at TV 5's News Room later. GOODNIGHT to all walks of life!

  14. 41 followers to 200! Please kindly follow, I follow back killjoys. :))

  15. 4th year college ako sa pasukan. San ka nag-aaral? And what course?

  16. 6:00 a.m. and awake for a day. THESIS!

  17. A big whacking NO to animal abuse! #damnyoucrushvideos

  18. A few minutes to tweet before office hours resume. LOL.

  19. A killjoy was found covered in her own blood because another killjoy told her to kill herself. I TOTALLY HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE.

  20. A new song? Wow. It's got a catchy title. I'm sure your show went with a bang. Congrats!

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