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  1. Please help @MCRmyphils get their killjoy film, Manila 2019: The Reprisal http://t.co/QdXoofZb to @MCRofficial. For the love of the MCRmy!

  2. Since I'm in a different timezone, can some Aussie killjoy tweet me if its already after midnight so I can see the new MCR music video?

  3. 2:00 a.m. on the clock and I still have to endure hours at TV 5's News Room later. GOODNIGHT to all walks of life!

  4. RT @FollowMeSanta: RETWEET to wish your followers a Merry Christmas Eve * ❄   * ❄ *   *  ❄ .  *  ❄ * .  ❄  ❄   * ❄ * RETWEET for a follo ...

  5. Lucky you @KilljoyKathleen! MCR never visits me in the dream world.

  6. Make your Christmas merry by making other people happy. Be a Santa for once, honey.

  7. Thank you MCR for teaching me that every snowflake is different.. since I have never seen one in real life. :D

  8. 2 a.m. and will now be watching Breaking Dawn Part 1.

  9. I still don't get the whole Tumblr thing. Technology, you're killing me.

  10. FACT: Everyday is someone's birthday.

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      When I was little, everyday when I woke up, I would say to myself "Today is someone's birthday. Happy Birthday!" I need to start doing that again!

    2. hayceMCRmy


      LOL! I should do that too with you. Happy Birthday to someone today!

  11. Hey @PrincessFrick! How are you and Project NGA?

  12. Happy Friday people! It's #FF time.

  13. This Twitter followers thing is frustrating-- since I am not getting any. #notoneofthecoolpeople

  14. Will try to give out #FFs later tonight. And will also try to watch the Breaking Dawn premiere despite the long cinema booth lines. :|

  15. Happy, Happy Birthday to one of the coolest killjoys I know, @pockysaurus! MCRmy Philippines loves you, mareng sis ko! <3

  16. Please HELP our killjoy film, Manila 2019: The Reprisal, get a 250 more views, killjoys. http://t.co/QdXoofZb

  17. It's 1:00 a.m. My class starts at 9 a.m. and my college is two hours away from home. Seriously, stop keeping me all morn Twitter! :D

  18. Hey Caitie! We just finished our first killjoy film. I hope you can check it out sometime.

  19. Watch the fan-made killjoy film, Manila 2019: The Reprisal on YouTube. It's something we worked hard on.

  20. Hey! Our killjoy film is out now. I hope you can go watch it. It's getting pretty good reviews.

  21. Back to school tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who supported, is supporting, and will be supporting our killjoy film, Manila 2019. xo

  22. Btw @radarlove413 pls watch the killjoy film I directed, Manila 2019: The Reprisal http://t.co/QdXoofZb

  23. Hey @KilljoyKathleen! Please watch our killjoy film, Manila 2019. Thanks! http://t.co/RgHK58sT

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