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  1. Please help @MCRmyphils get their killjoy film, Manila 2019: The Reprisal http://t.co/QdXoofZb to @MCRofficial. For the love of the MCRmy!

  2. Since I'm in a different timezone, can some Aussie killjoy tweet me if its already after midnight so I can see the new MCR music video?

  3. 2:00 a.m. on the clock and I still have to endure hours at TV 5's News Room later. GOODNIGHT to all walks of life!

  4. RT @FollowMeSanta: RETWEET to wish your followers a Merry Christmas Eve * ❄   * ❄ *   *  ❄ .  *  ❄ * .  ❄  ❄   * ❄ * RETWEET for a follo ...

  5. Lucky you @KilljoyKathleen! MCR never visits me in the dream world.

  6. Make your Christmas merry by making other people happy. Be a Santa for once, honey.

  7. Thank you MCR for teaching me that every snowflake is different.. since I have never seen one in real life. :D

  8. 2 a.m. and will now be watching Breaking Dawn Part 1.

  9. I still don't get the whole Tumblr thing. Technology, you're killing me.

  10. FACT: Everyday is someone's birthday.

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      When I was little, everyday when I woke up, I would say to myself "Today is someone's birthday. Happy Birthday!" I need to start doing that again!

    2. hayceMCRmy


      LOL! I should do that too with you. Happy Birthday to someone today!

  11. Hey @PrincessFrick! How are you and Project NGA?

  12. Happy Friday people! It's #FF time.

  13. This Twitter followers thing is frustrating-- since I am not getting any. #notoneofthecoolpeople

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