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  1. Okay,so. I auditioned for the talent show. My talent? Performing "Cancer", by My Chemical Romance, me on vocals and my friend on grand piano. Did I make it? NOPE! They cut my bloody act! When I found out, I started bawling my eyes out. I mean, seriously? A kid whose only talent is twirling PENS makes it, but I get cut? What the hell? So...yeah. I am feeling pretty down right now. Could use love, support, and hugs. Thanks

    1. xmcrxravenx


      Aww. Sorry to hear that. *Hugs

    2. RadarAnomaly


      I'm sorry about that. :( Rejection is the worst. ~hugs~

    3. glory_hallelujah


      So. I talked to the choir teacher, who is “sponsoring” this year’s talent show. I asked him why I was cut, and he told me it was because the panelists noticed that I was definitely out of tune. He did, however, say that I was remarkably prepared, and that I knew my song backwards and forwards, but that everyone in the room noticed how out of tune I was. He then said that the decision to cut me had been made to spare me the embarrassment of having an auditorium full of people hear how out of t...

  2. Dialectical Behavioural THerapy--for those of us diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. OMG I AM RIDING A PERFORMANCE HIGH! MY FRIEND THOMAS AND I JUST REHEARSED CANCER, WITH HIM ON GRAND PIANO, AND OH MY GOD, WE SOUNDED SO FUCKING GOOD!!!
  3. my DBT therapist ended up filing a report about what I told him. I wish he had told me he was gonna do that **sighs**
  4. I fell out of a ceiling early this new years' morning
  5. For some reason, my left hand smells like blood. Huh. **shrugs and sniffs hand**

  6. I need somebody to hold me tight, and tell me that she will never touch me again. The flashbacks are getting to be too much. Help.

  7. My day has been made. I just witnessed Gee getting smacked with a pancake. Twice.
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