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    "It was the roar of the crowd that gave us heartache to sing" <3
  1. Been a while huh? :D <3

  2. well thank you, kind killjoy. i'm still jealous that you got the jacket. i also want a danger days t-shirt. i showed it to my mom today and she freaked out cuz there was a spider on it :|

  3. Ah it's different in the UK but if I went to Germany it's a very common name :D Besides Nicole is a lovely name.

  4. i like it :) i wish my name was more original. i know a lot of people named nicole. i like how yours is different

  5. Karl, with a K just to be different :D

  6. i know! i love how it's about their grandmother. it's so meaningful. by the way, what's your name? i'm nicole

  7. Helena is amazing! Easily the best video... Just love the emotion that goes along with it :)

  8. revenge is my favorite too! i have so many favorites but the top ones are probably helena, fashion statement, famous last words, i'm not okay, and welcome to the blaack parade. all of them are amazing though! i think if i had to choose only one it'd be helena. it's also my favorite music video :)

  9. Hmmm... That's way to tough to answer... Probably Disenchanted off BP, Headfirst For Halos off Bullets, Sumertime off DD and Revenge is too hard to decide (Favourite Album)

  10. what's your favorite mcr song?

  11. And I've given you the same killjoy :)

  12. ahahahaha that made me laugh :D i'd scare everyone off! i'm rating you 5 stars

  13. Ahaha ^.^ surely better than sing the start of Hang Em' High and scaring the shit out of everyone with a: "Aaaarrrrrgggghhh" :P

  14. i'd probably start singing to the tune of give 'em hell, kid and go "well i'm gonna look pretty walking down the street in the killjoy jacket i own!" non-killjoys would probably think i'm insane though :P

  15. Eeeeep!! I know I'm so happy/slash excited! ^.^ it's actually pretty cheap for the UK for some reason? :) but yeah would be awesome to see a fellow Killjoy! x

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