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  1. Interview tomorrow, been to the gym :D off shopping now for tad's birthday! Penblwydd Hapus!

  2. Nothing to do today might go grab a starbucks and have a fag just to amuse myself :)

  3. Day off college :D whooop.

  4. Hmmm. Really can't be assed to be productive! 1 week 'til fortnight off :3

  5. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day hun :3 x

  6. Interview went poo and my new piercing hurts :(

  7. Sorry I left without saying glittergee :3 My baby nephew came over <3

  8. Awesome sauce :) Sounds like fun!

    Well i've got coursework to do but then i'm going out for a bit :D hehe

  9. I maybe gonna run around in record stores and try to find heartbreak in stereo.. but nothing else... You?

  10. Hehe :3

    Any plans for the weekend sugar? :)

  11. Omg -high5- same her I love all of them and probably papa roach and aiden aswell! You have awesome music taste sugar! :3

  12. Green Day, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Pencey Prep, and some swedish bands. (I don't need to say MCr, I gues.. :P)

    And you?

  13. Yes yes :3 Omg awesome!

    What other bands do you like sugar? :)

  14. for the moment I listen to Aliens Exist - Live.

    So you also love Blink? That's good! :)

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